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Brrrr. Winter is still a month away but it's been frigid around here! We're keeping our fingers warm by hunkering down and getting some new songs, licks and skills in our repertoire. Sign up on our email list now for info on special sales, new releases, free offers and other great stuff. 
  • Blues and ragtime wiz Toby Walker has become one of our most popular instructors.
  • Mike Marshall is one of many outstanding mandolin instructors in the Homespun listings.
  • Happy Traum presents the best and most comprehensive music instruction DVDs, CD/books and downloads you will find ANYWHERE!
  • We feature many styles, including some of the finest bluegrass musicians on the planet. Tony Rice and Peter Rowan are only two of the many instrumental greats you can learn from on Homespun.
  • We have piano lessons in blues, jazz, country, honky tonk, rock, and New Orleans style, including some by the great Dr. John!
  • Learn traditional and contemporary blues and bottleneck slide guitar styles from some of the world's top players.
  • Get together with your friends and JAM. It's fun!
  • We have exciting lessons by hot young players as well as by legendary masters.
  • Steve Earle is one of the great contemporary singer-songwriters who has an instructional DVD on Homespun.
  • Pete Wernick and Friends are experts in helping you get your bluegrass jamming skills together. Get all three of their DVDs and join the sessions!
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New from Del Rey! The Blues Guitar Styles of Memphis Minnie

Memphis Minnie was one of the greatest fingerpicking guitarists of the Twentieth Century, part of the backbone of African American blues history. Del Rey knows her songs and styles better than anyone, and she brings them to vibrant life on this thoroughly entertaining, enlightening and exciting DVD lesson. Del provides a “master vocabulary” of powerful fingerpicking licks, in a variety of keys, that will work with any traditional blues or ragtime songs you want to play. Download it now and save!

What's HOT

Master Thumbpicking With The Great Richard Smith!

When Richard Smith picks up a guitar, audiences watch in rapt amazement as his fingers dance over fretboard and strings, and listen in delight as melody and groove fill the room. Now, Richard makes some of his most dazzling arrangements accessible to aspiring pickers on this technique-intensive lesson. Learn great tunes in the styles of Chet, Doc, Jerry Reed and Merle Travis. Download it NOW!



Banjo Master Bill Keith Gets IBMA's Distinguished Achievement Award!

We're thrilled to announce that our good friend, the innovative and brilliant banjo picker Bill ..

Bluesman Paul Geremia Needs Our Help

Our friend, the guitarist, songster, storyteller and Homespun instructor Roy Book Binder writes:..

Congrats to Bryan Sutton: IBMA's Guitar Player of the Year!

The winners of the 2014 International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Awards were revealed in a g..

Eddie Adcock Wins the 2014 Steve Martin Prize!

Congratulations to the terrific Eddie Adcock, winner of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Ban..

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