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Appalachian Fingerstyle Guitar - Al Petteway

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11-Jul-2013 08:16 AM



Posts: 1

Any chance that there is TAB for the "Star in the East" bonus lesson.  There are a couple of spots where I just can't figure out exactly what Al is doing. (GREAT LESSON)


20-Feb-2013 01:30 AM



Posts: 207

Glad you're liking Al's lesson so much. We like it too!

If you don't see the TAB booklet, check the downloads folder on your hard drive. It should have the name of the DVD as the folder name. Inside, you'll find a pdf file with the booklet, which you can print out or view on screen.

Let us know if you haven't found this and we'll help further.

Musically yours,
Happy Traum

16-Jan-2013 03:50 PM



Posts: 2

Hi. I'm really loving the Appalachian Guitar direct download but it would be really useful to have tab for this lesson. It's not showing up when I open the lesson. Is there any tab available?


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