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121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes

Taught By:
L.E. McCullough
This collection of reels, jigs, hornpipes, set dances and airs are played in pubs and at parties around the world. Learn the tunes and practice with these CDs.
Skill Level 3

Four CDs plus 50 page Music and Chord Book

Cathal McConnell Teaches Irish Pennywhistle

Taught By:
Cathal McConnell
Master a Dozen Airs and Session Tunes
Skill Level 1

CD plus 24-page music book

How to Play Flutes of the Andes

Taught By:
Sukay, one of the leading groups playing the traditional music of the Andes mountains, will teach you how to play the beautiful handmade flutes that make up their dominant sound.
Skill Level 1

45-min. VHS

Irish Pennywhistle 3-CD Set

Taught By:
Cathal McConnell
Here's an instrument that's simple enough for a child to play?or worthy of a lifetime of study. A virtuoso flute and whistle brings his vast knowledge to the teaching of this wonderful instrument.
Skill Level 1

Three CDs plus music

Learn to Play Irish Tinwhistle

Taught By:
L.E. McCullough
Even beginners can learn to play this simple but elegant instrument. No experience necessary!
Skill Level 1

60-minute DVD, Includes music book



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