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Learn the Classics of Bossa Nova Guitar - DVD 1

Play the Rhythms, Chords and Melodies of Brazil's Greatest Hits
  • Taught By:
    Aaron Gilmartin
  • Skill Level 4

    90-minute DVD, includes pdf file of music and tab to view or print

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Aaron Gilmartin takes you on an excursion into the
 lush jazz chords, seductive rhythms and haunting melodies of bossa nova’s greatest hits. Each of these timeless Brazilian tunes has permeated musical culture worldwide, and has been heard on numerous recordings, film soundtracks and in performances by top pop and jazz artists. 

After an important overview of how jazz chords and voicings are built, Aaron starts you off with O Barquinho (Little Boat), a perfect introduction to the bossa nova style.

One Note Samba, by Antonio Carlos Jobim, has become an international jazz standard, recorded by Sinatra, Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Getz and many other stars. 

Wave, another well-known Jobim composition, is all about samba, the rhythmic underpinning of all bossa nova songs.

Aaron teaches each of these pieces in focused, measure-by-measure detail, clearly explaining the rhythms, jazz harmonies, syncopations, bass grooves and melodic elements that will make these iconic pieces come alive under your fingers. 

Note: These pieces can be played on any guitar, but a nylon-string classical will give you the most authentic Brazilian sound.

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Learn the Classics of Bossa Nova Guitar - DVD 1

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