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Learn to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar-DVD 3

  • Taught By:
    Bob Brozman
  • Skill Level 4

    75 minute DVD, includes tab

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Bob Brozman's third DVD lesson in this fabulous series will add eight powerful tunes to your blues repertoire and help you develop depth and range in your bottleneck playing.

Bob shows, in detail, what you have to do to get an authentic slide blues sound. He provides the tools you'll need to approach the rhythmic power of Bukka White; the chant-like tonality of Skip James; the clean tone and string damping style of Tampa Red; and the raw power of the great pioneer Charlie Patton.

Working in a variety of major and minor open tunings, Bob covers swing and "train-time" licks, finger sliding and vibrato, modal chords, rhythmic variations and a variety of triplets, harmonic devices, string snapping, funky ghost notes, descending bass lines and other important techniques. You'll also learn slide in standard tuning, and get to play Bukka White's spectacular "spank the baby" routine!

Best of all, you'll soon be playing these show-stopping tunes: Old Dog Blues, Jitterbug Swing, Aberdeen, Mississippi, Denver Blues, Cypress Grove, Telegram Blues, Green River Blues and Pony Blues.
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Learn to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar-DVD 3

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