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A Lesson with Odetta

Exploring Life, Music and Song

Taught By:

Hosted by Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell

On this rare and intimate session, Odetta shares the history, songs and singing technique that she acquired during a lifetime of experience.
Level All

Bluegrass and Gospel Duet Singing

Old Time Country Harmony

Taught By:
Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent
Soaring harmonies, a seamless vocal blend and a singular commitment to their gospel and old time country repertoire have made Dailey & Vincent the most sensational musical group in bluegrass music today.
Skill Level 1

75 Minute DVD

Dailey & Vincent Teach Bluegrass and Gospel Quartet Singing

with Jeff Parker and Christian Davis

Taught By:
Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent
This musically rich DVD lesson will help you understand the thinking behind Dailey & Vincent's electrifying performances, and will give you the tools to make your own vocal arrangements with your band, church group or musical friends.
Skill Level ALL

Two-Hour DVD, includes music, chords and lyrics

Lead Singing and Rhythm Guitar

Finding Your Bluegrass Voice

Taught By:
Peter Rowan
Improve your singing and strengthen your rhythm guitar playing. Peter Rowan imparts wisdom and advice based on decades of experience as one of America's greatest bluegrass musicians.
Skill Level 2

90-minute DVD, Includes music and tab. Hosted by Happy Traum

Learn to Sing Harmony

Taught By:
Marcy Marxer, Cathy Fink, Robin Williams, Linda Williams
Get together with friends at parties, picnics and campfires and create harmony parts to your favorite country, bluegrass and folk songs.
Skill Level 1

Three CDs plus Book

Learn to Sing the Blues

Taught By:
Gaye Adegbalola
Whether you are a beginner or a pro, W. C. Handy Award-winner Gaye Adegbalola's lessono will help bring your blues songs to life! Learn the secrets of how to get that real authentic blues approach into your singing!
80-minute DVD, Includes song lyrics

Learn to Sing Western Harmony

Taught By:
Riders in the Sky
Learn to sing cowboy, folk and country songs in three- and four-part harmony. Get together with your friends and learn a vital American tradition?beautiful Western harmony singing!
Skill Level 1

60-minute DVD, Includes music and lyrics on pdf file to view or print.

Learn To Yodel

Taught By:
Tod Whittemore, Cathy Fink
Learn the powerful singing styles of the great country and western stars. These CDs are great for practicing at home, in the car, or on top of a tall mountain.
Skill Level 1

Two CDs, Includes music and lyrics. With Guests Patsy Montana and Bill Staines

Singing in the African American Tradition - Volume One

Traditional Choral & Congregational Vocal Music

Taught By:
Ysaye Barnwell
Learn the melodies, harmony parts and rhythms to more than 20 timeless hymns, spirituals and freedom songs, and participate in the joyous expression of this wonderful vocal tradition.
Skill Level 1

Four CDs plus book

Singing in the African American Tradition- Volume Two

Building a Vocal Community

Taught By:
Ysaye Barnwell
Start building a vocal community with these extraordinary vocal lessons. They can be used by individuals, friends, choirs, church, camp and community groups of any background who want to enjoy this unique and uplifting singing tradition.
Four CDs Plus Book

Singing with the Banjo

Songs and Arrangements in Clawhammer Style

Taught By:
Cathy Fink
Here's a terrific lesson for banjo players who want to sing and accompany themselves in the clawhammer style. For both basic and accomplished pickers.
Skill Level 2

One hour, 45 minute DVD, Includes music and tab

Singing with the Fiddle

Accompanying Old Time Songs and Ballads

Taught By:
Bruce Molsky
Bruce Molsky shows you how you can achieve distinctively rich and compelling harmonies in a musical interaction between your fiddle and your voice.
Skill Level 2

95 Minute DVD, includes music


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