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Essential Practice Techniques for Bluegrass Banjo

Taught By:
Tony Trischka
Here's a lesson that's a must-have for all bluegrass banjo players. Improve your timing, strengthen your hands and play with precision.
Skill Level 2

50 Minute DVD, includes tab on a pdf file to view or print.

The Guitarist's Personal Practice Trainer and Warm-Up Plan

10 Minutes a Day to Better Technique and Finger Fitness

Taught By:
Andrew DuBrock
Andrew DuBrock?s Personal Practice Trainer provides you with an hour-and-a-half?s worth of warm-ups, exercises and etudes, along with a comprehensive plan to help you organize your practice time so you really see results!
Skill Level 3

95-minute DVD. Includes music + tab PLUS Worksheets and Exclusive 10-Week Planner

The Joy of Uke - Two-DVD Set

Taught By:
Jumpin' Jim Beloff
Enjoy both lessons for the special price of $49.95! Lesson One : The Joy of Uke: A Hands-On Guide to Playing the Ukulele and Lesson Two: Moving Beyond the Basics.
Skill Level 1

Two DVDs, includes chords and music

The Mandolin of Norman Blake

Traditional and Original Tunes and Techniques

Taught By:
Norman Blake
Here's a wonderful way to learn beautiful, little-known old-time and original instrumentals in the southern mountain and Celtic traditions, taught by one of our most legendary pickers.
Skill Level 3

90-minute DVD, Includes tab bookWith Nancy Blake.

Todd Phillips' Bass Workout and Practice Regimen

Build Tone, Timing, Strength and Endurance

Taught By:
Todd Phillips
The acoustic bass is a notoriously physical instrument, one that demands strength and stamina as well as a keen ear and an overall sense of musicianship. Master bassist Todd Phillips has devised a personal training workout and exercise plan that will help bassists at all levels and in all styles play with great tone, precise timing and in good tune.
Skill Level ALL

90 Minute DVD

Two Guitar Jamming

Learning To Play Well With Others

Taught By:
Pat Donohue, Mike Dowling
It's great fun to get out your guitar and pick with a friend! Mike Dowling and Pat Donohue teach the necessary strategies to help you play lead and rhythm together.
Skill Level 4

115 minute DVD, includes music and tab

You Can Play Electric Bass!

A Complete Course for Beginners

Taught By:
Roly Salley
Here is the easiest way yet to learn electric bass, even if you have never played one before. Within five minutes you'll be learning the fundamentals and creating the rhythmic drive for country, blues, rock and R&B tunes.
Skill Level 1

90-Minute DVD, Includes music and tab

You Can Play Jazz Guitar! - 3 DVD Set

A Complete Course

Taught By:
Mike DeMicco
Finally, a complete method for learning jazz guitar that's clear, accessible and crammed with enough information to save you months, even years, of searching on your own.
Skill Level 3

Three-DVD series



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