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Homespun Testimonials

I have bought and enjoyed now approximately 10 lessons via the download method. The latest being a Chris Smither. 20 bucks for 6 songs, played and explained in detail from a master? Great! Well worth it and appreciated. I take bits and pieces and whole songs and make them mine, as your teachers say to do. I have recommended your company several times to guitar friends. Thank you for your offers. I will take advantage as is possible for me. I am impressed with your company and your customer service. 

The Stammers
  "I just can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your fine products. They are so well done, easy to follow and extrememly beneficial to anyone wanting to pick up info and licks. Everytime I use 'em, I learn. I am self-taught and have picked up so many bad habits, I figure Happy would slap my hands with a ruler if he heard how I play my bass part while fingerpicking. That's another nice thing about DVD lessons : ) I always knew I was doing something wrong, Happy's instructions are beginning to straighten me out! Peter, Steve, and Jorma also do great jobs. Jorma has me playing some stuff that I never thought I could do so quickly. Just picked up Steve's and will spend time with it soon. Peter's is incredible. I was able to meet him last spring and expressed to him how much I liked the production."
 "The best thing about your stuff is it seems like your here with me! You have added a warm, personal touch to your work. I can't tell you how reassuring it is to us trying to learn. You kind of swept away the void that existed between the learner and the immense ability of the teacher. I come away each time a little better, a little more confident, and a lot happier! Can't tell you how many times I've said-"Oh, that's how it's done!" PLUS I have the lessons at home, whenever I want!"
Bill Nedela
"Thanks you for offering outstanding instructional materials and having such an exceptional customer service crew. I have been a customer of yours for a few years and have purchased several videos and DVDs. Each one is well done with clear and precise instruction. They are fun and helpful and challenging musically... I recommend your firm every opportunity I get knowing that you provide only the best in materials. And I look forward to being a customer of yours for a long time."
Bruce A. Richardson
“Yesterday I received my “Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp” video with Stacy Phillips. This is definitely the best instruction video I've ever purchased! Stacy covered just about everything I had questions about . . . especially chords! Being a classically trained cellist, I just don't "think" in chords, but I am confident that after some work with this video I'll be playing licks on my fiddle out of chord formations in no time. Can't wait to get home tonight and get to work at it! Thanks for producing such quality products (I already own the Sam Bush/Bill Monroe and Richard Greene videos). If I ever give in to my curiosity about the Dobro, you can be sure I'll be back for yet another Stacy Phillips video! Bluegrass RULES!
Janet Scott
“I was just offered (at age 41!) my first paying gig at a local coffeehouse. I bought Happy's beginning guitar tape a few years back to try to at least get to the point where I could figure out chords to the songs I had always written lyrics for. Unlike many of my friends, I don't have a good ear and playing did not come easily or naturally to me- but I've persevered, and I now truly enjoy the chance to play my songs in public. I'm sure 98% of your customers play better than I do, but what the heck... it's still a helluva lotta fun, and just wanted to pass along that I never would have gotten here without Homespun.” 
Jim Colbert
"Just a quick note of praise - I'm watching your Norman Blake DVDs again for the umpteenth time, and want to thank you for making these available! They are a real boon to guitarists, and are an important asset to the history of American music. Thanks!

"I can say as a guitarist and a musician, what a real loss it would be if you weren't doing the work you're doing!  It's more than learning licks, it's turning a light on and validating the work of artists who might otherwise not find such a forum.  Those Norman tapes blow me away!  Thanks again!"
Jim Pelz
“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Steve Kaufman ‘Bluegrass Workout’ that you offered and sent with Tabs. I just couldn't believe it when it arrived so fast! I have never had better service from any other company that I've ever dealt with. My highest praise goes out to you and many thanks for your thoughtfulness.” 
Lee A. Hanson
“Your products brought me to music. I started with Happy's beginner guitar CD set, then basic fingerpicking. I have Flatpicking 1 by Steve Kaufman, but have been working for many months on the Fretboard set. I dabbled in blues with happy's short CD lesson book. The lessons are excellent and accessible. My progress is slow but sure. Thanks again.”
Mike Isko
"I would like to thank you for your long-time committment and huge contributions to those of us who want to make our own music. As a child of the Sixties, Homespun Tapes and Sing Out have always been a part of my musical landscape; things that were solid and enduring, like mountains in the distance. Even if one rarely travels to them, it has been reassuring to count on them being there. I had no idea that you were the founder of Homespun Tapes 'til I got your Easy Steps #1 DVD. What an accomplishment, and how hard it must have been to keep it going through the years when everybody was listening and hardly anybody was playing. My hat's off to you and yours."
Mike Madden
 “I love your tapes, especially Happy's “Blues Bag.” It is amazing how much you can learn with the proper instruction, and finally I don’t have to be embarrassed to ask, "Would you do that again?" So this is just a great big congratulations and thank you for being there all these years with all of us students out here. Where would I be without you? I have no idea.”
Rich Rau
“I'm writing to let you know that I recently purchased Pete Wernick's "Bluegrass Jamming: A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers" and it is fantastic! Just what the doctor ordered for a new fiddler like myself who wants to have a chance to work on stuff in a way you just can't when you actually go to a jam session. It moves along at a great pace and I'm just so happy I bought this. Thank you to Pete and friends for making it, and thanks to you at Homespun for making it available.”
Susan Moreschi
“I just purchased the Keb’ Mo’ DVD from a music store here in town. This is exactly the kind of instructional material that I need to actually help me get better at the guitar. It wasn't just a performer "showing off" but a real teaching resource. I'll be watching with interest for more resources like this one. Thanks!!”
Tom De Vries

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