Homespun Team

We thought you'd like to know who the folks are behind the scenes at Homespun Tapes. These are the wonderful people who provide the services and do the innumerable jobs that get your orders to you so quickly and efficiently. The following brief descriptions do not do justice to the many extra tasks that each member of the staff performs every day.

Happy Traum, President and founder of Homespun Tapes, produces the video and audio instruction, decides which lessons are needed, finds and signs up the right artist to do the teaching, edits the videos, and generally oversees all matters pertaining to production of the lessons. He also writes most of the catalog, advertising and other copy. It is his vision that propels the ongoing development of Homespun.

Jane Traum, Vice President and co-founder, works closely with Happy on all aspects of the company and its development. Her primary concern is overseeing Homespun's business affairs and the general running of the operation. Jane also works intensely with the graphics designers on the Homespun "look" - video covers, book/CD's, catalogs, ads, etc., as well as providing important guidance and input in the scheduling and production of the lessons.

Susan Robinson, our invaluable Office Manager, has been with us almost since the beginning. She joined us 45 years ago, when we were still operating out of a small room in our home. Susan knows all aspects of the business, and it is her attention to a myriad of details that enables the smooth and efficient running of the company. She is in charge of customer service, quality control and many other aspects of the day-to-day operations.