Accordion Styles and Techniques

Joey Miskulin
If you are an accordionist, you'll want this lesson! Joey Miskulin, an acknowledged master of the instrument, gives intermediate players a close-up look at the skills that have made him a successful and highly sought-after studio musician, recording artist and concert performer. Joey packs an amazing amount of information into this 80-minute lesson. Using a variety of popular tunes ... Read More

Learn To Play Cajun Accordion-DVD 2

Dirk Powell

Lesson Two: Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

Dirk Powell takes his exploration of traditional Cajun accordion to the next level. He covers some of the more advanced topics that you will want to know in order to get beyond the basics and "create dance music that really gets people going - that's what this music is for!" You'll learn how to add ornaments, syncopate the phrasing ... Read More

Learn To Play Cajun Accordion-Two-Video Set

Dirk Powell
The one-row button accordion creates the defining sound that drives the waltzes and two-steps beloved by enthusiasts of Cajun music, both in its native territory and throughout the world. Even if you weren't lucky enough to be born and raised in southwest Louisiana, you can still learn to play authentic Cajun accordion! Dirk Powell, accordionist in the popular band ... Read More

Learn To Play Cajun Accordion - Video 1

Dirk Powell

Lesson One: Starting Out

Dirk teaches in a step-by-step approach that makes it easy to start playing Cajun music immediately. He begins with the basics -- how to hold the instrument, use the bellows, place your fingers on the keys, find the notes, and the important technique of playing in octaves (playing "double"), the essence of the Cajun style. Starting with the simplest of melodies ... Read More

Learn to Play Irish Button Accordion

John Williams
This complete guide to learning traditional Irish button accordion will get you started playing tunes right away--the right way! You'll learn how to hold the accordion and sound your first scales, bass notes, chords and arpeggios. Before you know it, you'll be navigating around the keyboard and performing your first songs. John Williams teaches you five traditional Irish ... Read More

Learn to Play Irish Concertina

John Williams
This easy beginner's lesson teaches you everything needed to start making music on any 20 to 30 key concertina. Using his custom Anglo C & G concertina, John Williams explains all the basics: how to hold the instrument; how to get the most power out of your bellows; and how to use the buttons and the versatile C and ... Read More

Professor Louie's Rock and Blues Accordion

Aaron-Professor Louie -Hurwitz

A Complete Course for the Beginner

Now even beginners can strap on a squeezebox and start rockin''! This exciting course is not just for accordion novices, though. Experienced keyboard players will also want to stretch out into the rich sounds this ever-popular instrument provides. Professor Louie starts at the top, teaching you how to put the accordion on and hold it correctly. He then shows, through ... Read More

Tex-Mex Accordion

Flaco Jimenez, Tim Alexander
Flaco Jimenez and Tim Alexander show you how to play the main dance forms of this lively music from the border country in note-for-note detail on G-C-F three-row accordions. Even complete beginners will soon master these popular tunes: "La Napolera," "La Piedrera," "Atotonilco," "Viva Seguin," "La Tuna," "La Paloma" and "Flor Marchita." You'll learn the importance of grace notes ... Read More

Tex-Mex Accordion Practice Session

Tim Alexander, Flaco Jimenez
Tim Alexander and Max Baca play eleven Tex-Mex tunes--five from the DVD plus six more--so you can practice along with them. Each song is played slowed-down, then up-to-speed: The accordion lead is on one channel and the accompaniment on the other so you can choose your part for in-depth study. Songs: La Napolera, La Tuna, Flor Marchita, Viva Sequin, Amor ... Read More