The Blues Guitar Styles of Memphis Minnie

Del Rey

Unlocking Dazzling Songs, Licks and Solos of a Master Musician

Memphis Minnie was one of the greatest fingerpicking guitarists of the Twentieth Century, part of the backbone of African American blues history. Del Rey knows her songs and styles better than anyone, and she brings them to vibrant life on this thoroughly entertaining, enlightening and exciting lesson. Del provides a “master vocabulary” of powerful fingerpicking licks, in a variety of ... Read More

The Brownie McGhee - Josh White Package

Josh White, Jr. Happy Traum
Learn to play in the stylesof two giants of acoustic blues guitar!The legendary Josh White's dazzling guitar technique, encompassing both raw Piedmont-style blues and sophisticated jazz-tinged folk arrangements, influenced a generation of players. He was a powerful performer who holds a reverential place in American culture, celebrated in 1998 with a commemorative US Postage Stamp. Josh White, Jr ... Read More

The Fingerpicking Blues of Etta Baker

Etta Baker

A Lesson in the Real Piedmont Style

One of the signature chords of my guitar vocabulary comes from her version of Railroad Bill. This was the first guitar picking style that I ever learned."--Taj Mahal Learn traditional fingerpicking blues from a legendary player! Etta Baker plays, sings and breaks down ten traditional and original tunes, offering a true down-home lesson in Piedmont style blues. Playing her ... Read More

The Fingerpicking Blues of John Jackson

John Jackson

with Roy Book Binder

This lesson is a must-have for all guitarists who want a lesson with a traditional blues artist. The Piedmont style comes alive as John Jackson teaches songs from his wide repertoire, detailing the finer points of his fingerstyle technique and reminiscing about Mississippi John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb, Son House and other classic blues guitarists who influenced his music. As a ... Read More

The Fingerpicking Blues of Mississippi John Hurt

John Sebastian, Happy Traum

A Spoonful of Classic Songs

No traditional musician is better loved than Mississippi John Hurt. He has influenced innumerable musicians through the years and, four decades after his death, his songs and instrumentals continue to be played throughout the world by novice guitarists and professionals alike. This lesson is filled with the songs, licks, sounds and techniques that make Mississippi John Hurt's music so ... Read More

The Guitar of Chris Smither

Chris Smither

Arrangements in Contemporary Blues Style

Chris Smither has made a terrific lesson for everyone interested in taking traditional blues guitar style and incorporating it into a contemporary setting. He has perfected the art of combining the fingerpicking he first learned from the music of Lightnin' Hopkins, Skip James, Brownie McGhee and other country blues masters with groove-driven original songs that are as current as today ... Read More

The Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis

Larry Campbell

An In-Depth Exploration of Five Fingerpicking Classics

Larry Campbell has played with some of the biggest names in the music business, but he grew up listening to the inspirational songs and dazzling guitar technique of the Rev. Gary Davis. On this powerful instructional DVD, he and Teresa Williams offer dynamic performances of five songs by the legendary master, and then Larry breaks down each one, covering both ... Read More

The Guitar of Rory Block: Blues

Rory Block

Arrangements to Rory's Most Requested Songs

"Rory Block has been an inspiration to me since we started out years ago. Her guitar playing, singing and songwriting are some of the most soulful in traditional and modern blues." Bonnie Raitt This terrific lesson in fingerstyle blues guitar, just released from the Homespun archives in digital format, features blues great Rory Block breaking down her award-winning strumming, pounding and string-snapping techniques, along with ... Read More

The Guitar of Rory Block: Originals


Arrangements to Rory's Most Requested Songs

Rory Block's compelling and powerful original songs, as much as her renowned blues guitar technique, have gained her a large and enthusiastic international following. In this special one-on-one session, recently released from the Homespun archives, she teaches some of her most requested numbers along with her distinctive and challenging guitar arrangements. Her opening song, the evocative Silver Wings (using what Rory calles ... Read More

The Guitar Style of Richie Havens

Richie Havens
The late Richie Havens was a rare performer who transcended genre, style and category. His distinctive guitar sound, rich voice and compelling arrangements of folk, blues and rock classics enthralled millions throughout his long and successful career. This instructive and thoroughly entertaining lesson provides invaluable insights into guitar playing, song arranging and performing, and offers exciting challenges for all guitarists ... Read More

The Power of Delta Blues Guitar - Lesson One

Rory Block

Playing Traditional and Original Blues

Learn the traditional country blues guitar styles that have influenced generations of players. Rory Block, one of the most knowledgeable and talented exponents of the classic blues style, teaches the earthy, hard-driving playing of the Mississippi Delta in a way that brings it all into focus. The rhythmic pounding style of Charlie Patton, the fingerpicking blues of Tommy Johnson, and ... Read More

The Power of Delta Blues Guitar - Lesson Two

Rory Block

Playing Traditional and Original Blues

Rory Block continues her exploration of the earthy, hard-driving blues of the Mississippi Delta as played by Booker White, Robert Johnson, John Hurt, Charlie Spann and other great traditional players. She teaches a number of powerful blues songs to add to your repertoire, including Fixin' To DIe, Love My Blues Away, Leavin' Here, When You've Got a Good Friend ... Read More
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