Bryan Bowers' Autoharp Techniques

Bryan Bowers

Developing Your Skills

Bryan Bowers astounds and entertains audiences everywhere with his powerful stage presence and Autoharp virtuosity. On this instructive and entertaining lesson, he breaks down his techniques for players who want to get beyond simple strumming and into more interesting song arrangements and solo instrumental styles. Autoharpists will be amazed at the sounds they will get using Bryan's well-honed methods ... Read More

How to Play the Autoharp

Mike Seeger
The autoharp is one of our most beautiful - and easiest - instruments of the folk tradition. The late Mike Seeger became a master of the instrument after studying the techniques of Maybelle Carter, Kilby Snow and others, taking it far beyond its simple roots. Here, he starts out with simple strums and chords, then introduces picking patterns, more complex chord changes ... Read More

Learn to Play Autoharp

John Sebastian
Here's a step-by-step learning guide to one of our most beautiful (and easiest) traditional instruments. John Sebastian, whose Autoharp was heard by millions on his hit songs with The Lovin' Spoonful, teaches you everything you'll need to make your own music - even if you've never played an instrument before! This clear, easy-to-follow lesson starts you off by ... Read More