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Here are some useful guitar licks and playing tips bHomespun owner/instructor Happy Traum and others. Homespun Performances are excerpts from lessons by some of our great artists that are worth listening to just for pleasure. Keep checking back as we'll be adding to them frequently. And take a look at Happy's Blog. He has had a fascinating journey through more than six decades of playing, writing, and studying about American folk music, and he has quite a few stories to tell. 

Tom Rush: "No Regrets"

Tom Rush is an iconic songwriter and performer whose songs have endured for years. "No Regrets" is a fan favorite for good reason. Hear Rush perform this sublime song from his Homespun lesson "How I Play (Some of) My Favorite Songs." 


Chris Smither: "Can't Shake These Blues"

Chris Smither is a multi-talented artist who plays and writes with an understated groove while still packing a powerful punch! In this performance excerpt from his Homespun lesson "The Guitar of Chris Smither," he plays his co-written song with Steve Tilston, "Can't Shake These Blues," a great example of his songwriting and picking prowess. 


Geoff Muldaur Sings "Got To Find Blind Lemon"

Geoff Muldaur is a master of fingerstyle guitar, a brilliant songwriter, and a groundbreaking band leader. In this performance excerpt from his Homespun lesson Innovative Arrangements for American Blues/Roots Guitar" he plays a beautiful rendition of "Got to Find Blind Lemon," a song about one of his journeys to visit Blind Lemon Jefferson's grave. 


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