Southern Old-Time Fiddle Tour

Bruce Molsky
Bruce Molsky takes you on a grand tour of traditional fiddling, region by region! He teaches six tunes, each from a geographical area of the southern U.S. that's known for great old time playing --  West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee and Mississippi. You'll learn the licks, bowing patterns and special tunings that give this music its haunting sounds ... Read More

Steve Kaufman's Four-Hour Bluegrass Banjo Workout

Steve Kaufman
What a great way to improve your picking, build up speed and stamina, and get those licks and solos working so you can really jam! Steve plays 49 must-know bluegrass tunes slowly and then up-to-speed. Learn the lead melody and then play along with the rhythm track to get your soloing together. This is an outstanding way to practice ... Read More

Steve Kaufman's Four-Hour Bluegrass Workout, Volume Two

Steve Kaufman
You've got hours of fantastic jamming ahead of you! This project provides you with a backup band that will give you rhythmic support, encourage you to learn new material and provide invaluable practice sessions. Each song is played three times slowly and then three times at a faster pace. (Lessons 1 and 2 contain the slow versions, while lessons ... Read More

Steve Martin's The Crow

Steve Martin

Book of Tablature

Steve Martin is a comedian, novelist, screenwriter, actor and many other things, but his first love is the banjo, which he started playing as a teenager. His recent hit CD, "The Crow," features 15 original tunes in both clawhammer and three-finger Scruggs style in a variety of tunings. Each piece is challenging and ultimately very playable for most intermediate-level banjo ... Read More

Techniques For Soloing and Performing

Pat Flynn

Flatpick Style

Here's a  lesson that will provide hours of practicing fun, and keep your guitar fingers busy for months! Nashville session guitarist Pat Flynn opens up your creative doors, demonstrating his own method for creating solos and improvising across the entire guitar fingerboard. You'll learn how to work up the neck, finding the chord centers on which you can ... Read More

The Art of Guitar Crosspicking

Steve Kaufman
Be prepared for a real challenge as the mysteries of guitar crosspicking are finally unravelled! Steve Kaufman describes, step-by-step, the flatpicking movements that define this distinctive way of playing and how to add them into your instrumentals. As you progress through the lesson, Steve provides exercises, speed drills, slowed-down and up-to-speed examples, invaluable advice and breathtaking arrangements of Back Up ... Read More

The Aspiring Flatpicker 3-Video Value Pack

Russ Barenberg, Bryan Sutton, David Grier

Bryan Sutton, Russ Barenberg and David Grier get you flatpicking like a pro!

First you get the incomparable Bryan Sutton! This extraordinary lesson is filled with spectacular picking, detailed instruction and invaluable advice for aspiring bluegrass guitarists at all levels. Bryan Sutton thoughtfully and methodically lays out his "tricks of the trade" to help you play any tune and improve your flatpicking speed, power, timing and musicianship. In a special section on rhythm ... Read More

The Banjo According To John Hartford - Two-Video Set

John Hartford

Licks, Ideas and Music

These two highly-packed lessons provide a rare opportunity to get John Hartford's personal take on how he plays the five-string banjo. A thoughtful and knowledgable musician, John has a treasure-trove of ideas and techniques that he enthusiastically shares with learning players. Review: "Hartford was a beacon of musical integrity and a whimsical spirit whose childlike enthusiasm for music and ... Read More

The Banjo According To John Hartford - Video 1

John Hartford

Licks, Ideas and Music- Lesson One

This is the first of two highly-packed lessons that provide a rare opportunity to spend time with the late John Hartford and get his personal take on how he plays the five-string banjo. A thoughtful and knowledgable musician, John had many unusual theories and a treasure-trove of ideas and techniques that he enthusiastically shares with learning players. With Chris Sharp ... Read More

The Banjo According To John Hartford - Video 2

John Hartford

Licks, Ideas and Music - Lesson Two

On this second part of his unique banjo lesson series, John Hartford once again imparts numerous ideas and a myriad of techniques for the learning player. He explains chromatic scales and teaches his famous "slide whistle" lick, which allows you to play ear-catching runs that will enhance any tune. You'll also learn to add color and excitement to your ... Read More

The Banjo of Eddie Adcock

Eddie Adcock
Eddie Adcock has forged new pathways into traditional three-finger picking by developing a style that combines traditional Scruggs-style bluegrass with country, folk, jazz, blues, gospel and rockabilly sounds. On this fascinating lesson, Eddie takes some of his most requested instrumentals and breaks each down into "little bits and parts," analyzing the chord shapes and licks in a way that will ... Read More

The Bluegrass Banjo of Sonny Osborne

Sonny Osborne
Learn from a legendary figure in the world of bluegrass banjo! Sonny Osborne fills this lesson with detailed instruction, historical reminiscences and insightful advice for all learning banjo pickers. Playing his treasured 1935 Gibson Grenada flathead banjo, Sonny pays homage to Earl Scruggs, who inspired his earliest licks and instrumentals. He then demonstrates the stylistic innovations that made him a ... Read More
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