Vocal Techniques for Old-Time Mountain Music

Cary Fridley
Cary Fridley, the popular singer in the old-time string band The Freight Hoppers, has done extensive research into old-time vocal styles, and has studied the singing of Sara and Maybelle Carter, Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard, Dellie Norton, Dolly Greer and other singers of Appalachian Mountain ballads. She has put together a lesson that covers basics of vocal production: proper breathing ... Read More

Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Travis Style

Happy Traum

Lesson 2

In his previous lesson, Happy taught this song in the thumb-lead style, playing the melody in the bass with rhythm back-up learned from the playing of Mother Maybelle Carter. In this session, you’ll learn how to play Will the Circle Be Unbroken using the alternating-thumb fingerpicking style made famous by Merle Travis and many other country, blues and folk guitarists ... Read More

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin - Two-Video Set

Butch Baldassari

Lessons One and Two

The late Butch Baldassari will have you playing your mandolin in minutes with his easy, hands-on, beginner's lessons. He covers all you need to know to get the bell-like high notes and percussive back-beat that are the signature sound of this popular instrument. His easy-going teaching manner and clear, slowed-down examples and explanations, along with the practical play-along sessions ... Read More

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin - Video 1

Butch Baldassari

Lesson One

This easy, hands-on beginner's lesson will teach you to play the mandolin in minutes. The late Butch Baldassari provides a solid introduction to the instrument, showing you essentials such as how to hold the mandolin, get tuned up, use the pick and play a basic scale and chords in the key of G. Before long you'll be picking ... Read More

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin - Video 2

Butch Baldassari

Lesson Two

Move into the next phase of your mandolin studies and start getting into more challenging tunes and techniques. The late Butch Baldassari makes it easy with his relaxed manner and clear, slowed-down musical examples. You'll learn how to play chord positions up and down the neck, along with slides, hammer-ons, tremolo, double stops, open string harmonies and other soloing ... Read More
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