Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 3

Rainer Brunn

Four Songs by Blind Blake

Blind Blake was a fingerstyle blues and ragtime guitarist of unparalleled virtuosity and musical dexterity, a hugely influential force on both his contemporaries (including Rev. Gary Davis) and a large cohort of acoustic blues and ragtime revivalist players. Learning the songs of Blind Blake is a challenge even for the most experienced country blues pickers, but guitarist/teacher Rainer Brunn ... Read More

Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 4

Rainer Brunn

Five Songs in Open D Tuning

Rainer Brunn has delivered another beautifully detailed lesson that will thrill and inspire all fingerpicking players. This time, he teaches five songs in open D. As in all of Rainer’s lessons, his setlist of songs is nuanced and musically creative. In his hands, the open tuning brings ringing strings, rich textures and the always-powerful alternating bass rhythm. Rainer starts off ... Read More

Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 5

Rainer Brunn

Songs of Bo Carter

Here’s a new gem from the ever-popular German fingerstyle guitarist Rainer Brunn, who digs into four songs by the great Bo Carter. Born Armentor Chatmon, Carter is often overlooked as one of the early country blues pioneers. As bandleader of the Mississippi Sheiks and as a soloist, he became known among blues enthusiasts for his bawdy, clever songs that featured great ... Read More

Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 6

Rainer Brunn

Four Songs of Mississippi John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt is an icon in the blues and folk pantheon, a much-beloved songster with a rich and varied alternating-bass fingerpicking style. In another stellar lesson for Homespun, Rainer Brunn performs, then meticulously teaches, his versions of four of John Hurt’s best-known songs: Sliding Delta; Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home; Frankie and Albert; and the ever-popular Make Me ... Read More

"Just For the Love of It" CD Download PLUS Instructional Video Package

Happy Traum

Listen and then learn to play the songs

Happy Traum Teaches Fingerstyle Arrangements for Six Blues, Country and Folk Songs From His Acclaimed CD "Just For the Love of It” Two-hour video download $24.95 Catalog DL-HAP-JF21 Level 3 These six songs and instrumentals will challenge, delight and inspire learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches two traditional blues; a timeless cowboy song; an ... Read More

Keb' Mo' - The Complete Two-Video Set!

Keb' Mo'
Get both of Keb' Mo's instructional Videos and SAVE! Learn blues, folk and just a touch of jazz with these excellent lessons from a legendary player. Keb' Mo' is one of our great contemporary performing and recording artists, and he's an engaging and entertaining instructor as well. You'll get a real guitar education in blues guitar fingerpicking ... Read More

Keep Your Hand On The Plow

Happy Traum

Easy Fingerpicking For Starting Players

Keep Your Hand On The Plow is a famous old spiritual and civil rights anthem that's great for learning basic fingerpicking. Happy's user-friendly lesson will help beginning pickers keep their steady-thumb, alternating bass technique going while picking out the easily accessible melody notes on the treble strings. Since the song only has two chords (A minor and E7 ... Read More

Lap Slide Blues for the Solo Player

Mary Flower

Hone Your Skills in Open D

Jump-start your lap slide guitar adventures! Veteran blues performer Mary Flower’s exciting lesson gives novices all the necessary playing tools, and experienced guitarists will be delighted by the more challenging techniques and powerful songs she teaches. Playing in open D (DADF#AD) provides rich, ringing sounds and open access to the full slide guitar experience. A clear and thoughtful instructor ... Read More

Learn to Play Blues Guitar With a Flatpick - Video 3

Adam Traum

Licks, Tricks and Time-Honored Songs

Adding a third great lesson to his popular series, Adam Traum helps you build your repertoire by exploring six classic tunes, each one representing a different blues style. He demonstrates important pick techniques, along with a variety of chord shapes, licks and solos that can be applied to any blues song you want to play. Starting with I Shall Not ... Read More

Learn To Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar-Three-Video Set

Bob Brozman

From the Basics to Advanced Bottleneck Technique and Repertoire

One of the most compelling sounds in American music is made by glass or steel sliding on the strings of an acoustic guitar. On these three videoss, the powerful blues of legendary players of the Mississippi Delta -- Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton Bukka White, Skip James, Tampa Red and others -- are taught by a true master of the bottleneck. Bob Brozman ... Read More

Lessons From the Good Book

Roy Book Binder

10 Songs From Roy's Acclaimed CD

We’re delighted to welcome our old friend, the legendary bluesman, raconteur and guitar fingerpicker Roy Book Binder, back to Homespun. He made these lessons independently, but we are offering them though our download service in an exclusive arrangement with him. Roy takes you, step by step, through 10 original tunes from his acclaimed CD, "The Good Book." (This release reached ... Read More

"Little Sadie" in DADGAD Tuning

Al Petteway

A Homespun Instant Access Download

"Little Sadie" is one of the most widely played songs in the American folk and Southern Appalachian traditions. Originally made popular by North Carolina banjo player Clarence Ashley, the flatpicked versions by Doc Watson and Tony Rice have become iconic among guitar pickers. Hundreds of other players, from Jerry Garcia to Bob Dylan, have added their licks and styles to ... Read More
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