Make Me a Pallet, Two-Lesson Set

Happy Traum

43 minutes, includes tab

Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor can be traced back to the 19th Century, but it has been a standard of the folk and blues revival for over 50 years. It has been recorded by numerous artists through the years, including Mississippi John Hurt’s famous version (called Ain’t No Tellin’) from 1927, as well as renditions by Big Bill ... Read More

Make Your Own Blues!

Pete Madsen

Building Strong Ideas and Arrangements

Veteran guitarist Pete Madsen initiates a new approach to teaching acoustic blues guitar. He combines a wide variety of licks, chord shapes, scales, runs and other elements, providing the tools you need to build your own songs and instrumental arrangements. Using an alternating-thumb fingerpicking style, Pete breaks the standard 12-bar blues format into easy-to-digest four-bar sections, teaching numerous variations that ... Read More

Mary Flower - Two-Video Set

Mary Flower

Special for Mary Flower Fans!

DVD One: You can get ringing notes, rich tones and textures simply by retuning your guitar to an open chord. On this easy exploration for novice players, Mary Flower teaches some tunings that will help you play beautiful sounding songs and instrumentals almost immediately. An expert player and an experienced instructor, Mary helps you work out well-known songs or instrumentals ... Read More

"Miss Delta" - A Slow Blues Instrumental in E

Mary Flower

A Single Song Lesson

Learn this sweet, slow fingerstyle blues instrumental in E by the terrific Mary Flower. “Miss Delta” includes plenty to chew on for both basic and experienced guitarists: Descending chord walk-downs, moving basses, interesting chord progressions and rhythmic variations, and some "New Orleans-sounding" licks. This piece packs a lot in!  We're sure you'll get a lot out of ... Read More

New Directions For Harmonica - Expanding Your Technique

Howard Levy
Harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy has mastered the awesome technique of playing chromatically on a basic ten-hole harmonica. Now he teaches you how he does it through the use of bends, overblows, overdraws and other challenging techniques. With some harp experience and the desire to move into dynamic new musical territory, you'll soon be playing blues, classical, jazz, pop or ... Read More

New Orleans Piano and the Roots of Rock

Mac Rebennack (Dr John)
One of our great musical treasures plays, sings, teaches and imparts his vast knowledge of the rock and blues of his native New Orleans. Mac (Dr John) Rebennack guides you through lead and rhythm styles, right-hand improvisation, walking basses, turnarounds and the styles of great pianists: Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, Huey Smith, Fats Domino, Lloyd Glenn, Ray Charles, James Booker ... Read More

Paul Butterfield Teaches Blues Harmonica Master Class: Book/Audio

Paul Butterfield

Sessions with a Legendary Player

This attractive book has a code inside that gives you computer access to the audio portion of this product. On this powerful and important lesson made a few years before his death in 1987, one of the great blues harmonica players of all time teaches the techniques he developed during a lifetime of musical experience.Paul Butterfield, who honed his ... Read More

Professor Louie's Rock and Blues Accordion

Aaron-Professor Louie -Hurwitz

A Complete Course for the Beginner

Now even beginners can strap on a squeezebox and start rockin''! This exciting course is not just for accordion novices, though. Experienced keyboard players will also want to stretch out into the rich sounds this ever-popular instrument provides. Professor Louie starts at the top, teaching you how to put the accordion on and hold it correctly. He then shows, through ... Read More

Rainer's Blues Picking School

Rainer Brunn

A Complete Method To Get You Started

This course is different than anything that we have offered before, and we know that all aspiring blues pickers will love it. Rainer Brunn, one of Homespun’s most popular instructors, has developed this course of study based on his love of traditional American blues guitar styles as well as his long experience as a guitar educator. We are proud to ... Read More

Rhythm In Your Riffs

Bob Brozman

Strums, Patterns, and Grooves for Acoustic Guitar

Bob Brozman's fascinating lesson will help acoustic guitarists of any style and genre look at the guitar in a whole new way. Bob explores the many aspects of rhythm guitar and what makes a good "groove." He helps you develop your coordination through a variety of drills, leading you in hand- and foot-tapping exercises so that accents, swing rhythm ... Read More

Rory Block in Concert

Rory Block
Experience the sensational blues artist Rory Block live in concert! Recorded in St. Louis' historic Sheldon Concert Hall, this DVD captures Rory's soulful singing, dazzling guitar technique and openhearted communication with her delighted audience. In a riveting 15-song set, Rory plays renditions of classic Mississippi blues by seminal masters such as Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson, and Buddy Boy Hawkins ... Read More

Roy Book Binder: Book's Blues Book - Book/Audio

Roy Book Binder

The Songs and Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements of Roy Book Binder

Book's Blues Book and its accompanying online audio represent a comprehensive cross section of the traditional and original blues that have been delighting Roy's audiences and inspiring guitar players through the years. By working your way through the tablature, you'll learn to play these great songs in note-for-note detail and pick up many inspiring blues licks and ... Read More
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