The Power of Delta Blues Guitar - Lesson One

Rory Block

Playing Traditional and Original Blues

Learn the traditional country blues guitar styles that have influenced generations of players. Rory Block, one of the most knowledgeable and talented exponents of the classic blues style, teaches the earthy, hard-driving playing of the Mississippi Delta in a way that brings it all into focus. The rhythmic pounding style of Charlie Patton, the fingerpicking blues of Tommy Johnson, and ... Read More

The Power of Delta Blues Guitar - Lesson Two

Rory Block

Playing Traditional and Original Blues

Rory Block continues her exploration of the earthy, hard-driving blues of the Mississippi Delta as played by Booker White, Robert Johnson, John Hurt, Charlie Spann and other great traditional players. She teaches a number of powerful blues songs to add to your repertoire, including Fixin' To DIe, Love My Blues Away, Leavin' Here, When You've Got a Good Friend ... Read More

The Power of Delta Blues Guitar - Two-Lesson Set

Rory Block
Rory Block has long been considered one of the great contemporary players of the Mississippi Delta blues style. She studied with some of the masters herself and here she passes on her favorite techniques and tunes. Rory breaks each song down phrase by phrase, while teaching the use of regular and open tunings, treble melodies, bass runs, slides, string bending ... Read More

Three Less-Known Blues Treasures

Adam Traum

Fingerpicking Classics by Tampa Red, Tommy Johnson and Jesse Fuller

Grab your guitar and dig into three great songs that will add cool licks and fingerpicking finesse to your blues repertoire. Adam Traum carefully takes you through the basics of each tune, then adds embellishments that will bring your playing to new levels. The up-tempo Tampa Red tune, Can’t Get That Stuff No More, out of the key of C ... Read More

Ukulele Tunes and Techniques - Hawaiian and American Styles

Bob Brozman
The late multi-instrumentalist Bob Brozman jumps right into this fascinating lesson with a potpourri of alternate tunings, strums, rolls, triplets and syncopated fingerpicking patterns for the ukulele. You'll combine all these techniques on the traditional Hawaiian piece Hi'ilawe, and segue into a medley of other traditional songs, Tomi Tomi and Meleana'E. A Tin Pan Alley era "Hawaiian ... Read More
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