Blues and Roots Guitar 3-lesson Value Pack

Steve James, Hans Theessink, Geoff Muldaur

Learn From Three Masters of Blues/Roots Guitar!

This package introduces you to the artistry and fabulous instruction of three of our greatest roots/blues guitar players at a fantastic price. The songs, guitar techniques and deep knowledge that each of these musicians impart will open new doors in your playing, musicianship and overall knowledge of our musical traditions. Steve James is known for his mastery of old-time ... Read More

Blues By The Book - Two Video Set

Roy Book Binder

Fingerpicking Blues

Roy Book Binder modestly asserts that he's just showing you "some tricks about playing the guitar" here. Well, Roy's humble, that's sure, but by the end of these two videos you will have mastered a complete vocabulary of licks and techniques and be ready to develop your own distinctive blues style, which is what "Book" had in ... Read More

Blues By The Book - Video 1

Roy Book Binder

Fingerpicking Blues: Lesson One

If you're ready to develop your own distinctive blues style, Roy Book Binder has assembled a complete vocabulary of licks and techniques to help you do it. Roy humbly calls this thorough breakdown of the elements of his own fingerstyle blues style "some tricks about playing the guitar," but don't let his laconic delivery fool you. By the ... Read More

Blues By The Book - Video 2

Roy Book Binder

Fingerpicking Blues: Lesson Two

Roy Book Binder's back again! This time, his in-depth exploration of blues techniques concentrates on chords and positions needed to play in the essential key of A. With his trademark wit and good humor, Roy encourages you to take his "book of tricks" and incorporate them into your own playing to build repertoire and arrangements in traditional fingerpicking style ... Read More

Blues Fingerpicking Freedom - Video Two

Toby Walker

Liberate Yourself from the Tyranny of TAB and Become a More Creative Player

As his fans well know, Toby Walker is a guy who puts joy, excitement and passion into every blues note he plays. His enthusiasm is contagious on this follow-up to his first Homespun Video, and it’s even more densely packed with fingerpicking techniques, musical ideas, great songs  - and just enough guitar theory to help you move freely around the fingerboard ... Read More

Blues Guitar Arrangements For the Intermediate Player

Mary Flower

For the Intermediate Player

Learn five classic blues songs, especially arranged for intermediate-level guitarists who want to explore exciting new styles and repertoire. Mary Flower's clear, step-by-step instruction will make these pieces fun to play for anyone with some prior knowledge of blues fingerpicking techniques. Mary starts off with Leroy Carr's Papa's in the Housetop, first strumming the basic chords to ... Read More

Blues Guitar Arrangements in DADGAD Tuning

Al Petteway
Create fingerstyle blues instrumentals, from Delta swamp to Piedmont bounce, and transform your guitar arrangements with new ideas and thrilling sounds! Al Petteway, one of our most musically inventive guitarists, teaches you six original tunes, each highlighting a different rhythmic and melodic feel and utilizing the unique qualities that DADGAD tuning offers. It's Only the Blues employs a steady ... Read More

Blues Harmonica - Six-audio hour set

Paul Butterfield, John Sebastian
Two blues harmonica masters share the secrets they've learned through years of exploring their instrument, helping you to acquire the tools and techniques you'll need to become an accomplished blues player yourself. In this unique six lesson series, two pioneering blues harmonica players combine the rudiments and mechanics of playing the harp with some dynamic theories and insights ... Read More

Blues Harmonica with John Sebastian

John Sebastian

Beginner - Intermediate Levels

Harmonica great John Sebastian teaches you to play great blues harp right from the beginning! He explains how to hold the instrument and make your first tones, then uses "cowboy music" to demonstrate "out" or "straight" harp style. Moving on to blues techniques, John shows you how to play your first blues scales using traditional "cross harp" technique. Before you ... Read More

Blues Harmonica with Paul Butterfield

Paul Butterfield

Intermediate to Advanced Playing Techniques

On this powerful and important series of lessons made a few years before his death in 1987, one of the great blues harmonica players of all time teaches the techniques he developed during a lifetime of musical experience.Paul Butterfield honed his harp and vocal style in the clubs and bars of his native Chicago, and was known worldwide for ... Read More

Blues in A (Several Ways)

Mary Flower

Basic Guitar Techniques For Playing Solo or With Others

On this enthralling, user-friendly lesson, the great fingerpicking blues artist Mary Flower gives early/intermediate guitarists the tools for developing easy but effective solos in the key of A. She teaches a variety of interchangeable parts, so you and another player can trade licks, or you can simply use them yourself in an improvised solo.  Even more experienced blues ... Read More

Blues on the Fiddle

Darol Anger
The amazing artistry of Darol Anger propels this powerful and enlightening exploration of blues fiddle. His deep knowledge of the violin, along with his relaxed good humor and encouraging manner, will help bring your fiddle playing to a whole new level. Using a "call and response" interactive teaching method, you'll trade licks with Darol as you learn tunes, riffs ... Read More
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