Exploring the House of the Rising Sun - Video Two

Happy Traum

Learn to Play An American Classic Continued

Taking this great song to the next level, Happy shows how you can develop a more improvisational approach to building an arrangement. First, you’ll learn to find the melody notes in the first-position chords, using hammer-ons, slides and passing tones - as well as right hand picking variations - to give your playing more depth and style.   You’ll then use movable ... Read More

Fingerpicking Made Easy

Happy Traum
Fingerpicking guitar technique combines rhythmic basses with syncopated treble notes to create a wonderfully complex sound. Through his many years of teaching experience, Happy Traum has devised a course that will allow you to start fingerpicking folk, blues and country songs almost immediately by using pre-set "picking patterns" that you can learn by rote. This foolproof method in the use ... Read More

Fingerstyle Arrangements for Six Blues, Country and Folk Songs

Happy Traum

From His Acclaimed CD "Just For the Love of It"

These songs and instrumentals will challenge, delight and inspire learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches two traditional blues; a timeless cowboy song; an instrumental version of a great country/pop classic and more. Each song demonstrates important styles and techniques that will add depth and finesse to your playing.  • Careless Love Blues and ... Read More

Five Unique Pieces for Blues/Roots Guitar

Mary Flower

Build Your Technique Step-by-Step

Mary Flower has a masterful command of the blues. She combines technical know-how with an undeniably soulful groove. Here, Mary teaches five original, distinct pieces that cover four different tunings: standard, dropped D, open G, and D minor. West Delta Blues employs a “dead thumb” right hand picking technique and a cool sliding lick on the treble strings that draw ... Read More

Get Started On Bottleneck Slide Guitar

Toby Walker

Easy Steps to Success

If you've always wanted to play bottleneck slide guitar, this lesson shows you how it can be done in the easiest and fastest possible way. Toby Walker's introduction is perfect for fingerstyle players who want to put real power in their picking. You'll learn all the fundamentals: what kind of a slide to use, which finger to ... Read More

Great Electric Guitar Lessons

Ray Flacke, Roy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, Jorma Kaukonen, Steve Wariner, Jim Weider, Ray Benson, Adam Traum

Blues, Slide, Country and Old Fashioned Rock 'n' Roll

For the past half-century the electric guitar has been woven into the fabric of American roots music, and its power and allure still make it our most popular musical instrument.  The instruction on this rich compilation covers a wide range of musical applications for the electric guitar, taught by some of the top guitar players in their respective genres ... Read More

Guitar "Licks-Ercises"

Toby Walker

Turn Powerful Fretboard Exercises Into an Arsenal of Blues, Country and Swing Guitar Licks

This encyclopedia of  “exercises disguised as licks” might be the coolest, most user-friendly lesson you’ve ever worked with. Toby Walker has put together dozens of fretboard drills that lead you into phrases for blues, country, swing and boogie-woogie guitar tunes. Do the exercises, then apply the licks in real-life musical situations and really play! Toby’s foundational drills will help you ... Read More

Happy Traum's Basic Guitar Lessons, Omnibus edition

Happy Traum
This best-selling series of four books, published for the first time in one volume, teaches note reading, music theory and guitar technique in a clear, progressive program. It can be used by the student alone or along with a music teacher, and features duets, quizzes, exercises, illustrations, reviews and dozens of musical pieces. For both finger and pick styles. (Accompanying ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches Blues Guitar Book-CD

Happy Traum
You only have to know the basic chords to get started playing fingerstyle blues guitar! Happy Traum's user-friendly lesson starts with a play-along explanation of the basic 12-bar blues form in the key of E, and then it's right into your first song. You'll gradually learn turnarounds, fills, runs, bass rhythms and "boogie woogie" walking basses and ... Read More

Harmonica Power! - Two Video Set

Norton Buffalo
Here's Norton Buffalo's blueprint for building harp technique, regardless of the style you play! This lively, comprehensive course will improve your skills, build power and stamina, and give your playing depth and excitement. Review: "Norton plays the harmonica with a virtuosity that has widened eyes and opened mouths throughout the music industry. No one else who puts tongue ... Read More

Harmonica Power! - Video One

Norton Buffalo

Norton Buffalo's Bag Of Tricks

"Norton plays the harmonica with a virtuosity that has widened eyes and opened mouths throughout the music industry. No one else who puts tongue to reed can touch him." --San Francisco Chronicle This lively and comprehensive course by a world-class player and teacher reveals Norton Buffalo's "bag of tricks," a wealth of important information that will give your harmonica ... Read More

Harmonica Power! - Video Two

Norton Buffalo

Norton Buffalo's Blues Techniques

Play the blues from your heart" is great advice, but you've got to have chops and skill to be able to lay it all down. Join this harmonica master as he shares invaluable advice and passes on his formidable techniques to learning players. Norton Buffalo shows you everything you need to become a real blues harp player. He details ... Read More
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