Jorma Kaukonen's Fingerpicking Guitar Method

Jorma Kaukonen
This is the ultimate course in Jorma Kaukonen's unique and influential blues and country guitar fingerpicking style, filled with invaluable wisdom, advice and techniques for learning pickers at all levels. Jorma gears this material to players who have little knowledge of the fingerpicking basics while skillfully engaging more experienced guitarists as well. You'll learn five traditional and original ... Read More

*Just For the Love of It

Happy Traum, Vocals and Guitars

Happy Traum's CD Features David Amram, Marco Benevento, Larry Campbell, Justin Guip, Byron Isaacs, Jerry Marotta, Abby Newton, John Sebastian, Martin Simpson, Adam Traum, Teresa Williams

**** Four Stars: Rolling Stone Magazine! January, 2016 Here are 14 songs featuring the fingerpicking guitar work and strong vocals of Homespun's founder, a skilled guitarist, veteran performer and recording artist. Happy is backed up by musical luminaries from the Woodstock, NY area. What they're saying about this CD: "You’d best not miss Happy Traum’s Just For The Love Of It ... Read More

Keb' Mo' - The Complete Two-Video Set!

Keb' Mo'
Get both of Keb' Mo's instructional Videos and SAVE! Learn blues, folk and just a touch of jazz with these excellent lessons from a legendary player. Keb' Mo' is one of our great contemporary performing and recording artists, and he's an engaging and entertaining instructor as well. You'll get a real guitar education in blues guitar fingerpicking ... Read More

Learning Rock 'n' Roll Piano

Bob Hoban
Whether in a dance hall or a living room, there's nothing more infectious than good old-time rock 'n' roll. The late Bob Hoban's lively piano lesson will put you in the driver's seat and help you get the party rockin' with its hard-driving musical force. Bob takes the piano styles of the first generation of rockers -- Jerry ... Read More

Learn the Pedal Steel Guitar of Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell

Sacred Steel

The soulful, sanctified sound of sacred steel guitar combines powerful African-American gospel music with bluesy inflections, R&B passion and rock excitement. Chuck Campbell's innovative pedal steel playing epitomizes this amazing genre. His hard-driving licks and sweeping sustains have influenced innumerable musicians in all styles of music, and have helped bring these sounds to audiences worldwide. Whether you are just ... Read More

Learn to Play Blues Guitar with a Flatpick - Video 1

Adam Traum
Blues guitar isn't just for fingerpickers! Adam Traum shows how you can develop a powerful blues style utilizing the special qualities you get from a pick. Using a flatpick on a steel-string acoustic guitar gives you a big sound and the ability to play punchy rhythms and lightning-fast single string lead lines. Adam Traum shows how you can develop ... Read More

Learn to Play Blues Guitar with a Flatpick - Video 2

Adam Traum
Following the success of his first “Blues With a Flatpick” video, Adam Traum has created a user-friendly, pick-style lesson in the blues that will teach you licks, scales, bass runs, chord shapes, turnarounds and progressions in a variety of keys and blues genres.  Starting with a “straight-eight Jimmy Reed” rhythm in E, Adam methodically adds bass run turnarounds, riffs ... Read More

Learn to Play Blues Guitar With a Flatpick - Video 3

Adam Traum

Licks, Tricks and Time-Honored Songs

Adding a third great lesson to his popular series, Adam Traum helps you build your repertoire by exploring six classic tunes, each one representing a different blues style. He demonstrates important pick techniques, along with a variety of chord shapes, licks and solos that can be applied to any blues song you want to play. Starting with I Shall Not ... Read More

Learn To Play Blues Mandolin - Lesson 1

Steve James
In the early days of the last century, the mandolin gained popularity both as a blues instrument and as the backbone of the early African American string bands. Several of these groups added mandolin to guitars, banjos, fiddles, jugs and kazoos to play energetic and heart-felt renditions of blues and ragtime songs. Bluegrass players, from Bill Monroe onward, incorporated blues ... Read More

Learn To Play Blues Mandolin - Lesson 2

Steve James
Get bluesy on the mandolin. Steve James brings you more of the funky, old-time songs and sounds that made his previous lesson on this instrument so popular. Aiming his lesson at early intermediate players, Steve covers the keys of G and C, introducing blues scales, chord patterns, walking lines, arpeggios, accompaniments and variations that will help you get further into ... Read More

Learn To Play Blues Mandolin - Two-Video Set

Steve James
These two videos will give you a great start in getting the funky sounds of traditional blues mandolin. Good for beginners and intermediate players. Lesson 1: Mandolin novices will start out by learning a basic G scale and how to alter it to create a blues scale. After demonstrating his pick strokes and tremolo technique, Steve dives right into Divin ... Read More

Learn to Play Blues Piano - DVD 4

David Bennett Cohen

New Orleans Style

Sit down with piano master David Bennett Cohen for an essential lesson on New Orleans piano styles. Like a great Southern chef, David shows you the exact recipe for combining blues, gospel, country and boogie-woogie to achieve a rich musical gumbo of sounds. David shows dozens of ideas you can use for soloing, improvising and exploring the keyboard: Bass lines ... Read More
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