Rory Block Teaches Classics Of Country Blues Guitar

Rory Block
W.C. Handy award-winner Rory Block is one of the most knowledgeable and talented exponents of Delta blues styles, and here she teaches the authentic techniques of the original blues masters -- the tunings, the right-hand pounding, the string bending, the complex fingerpicking, the syncopation -- breaking down and then performing her instrumental and vocal versions of eight timeless fingerstyle pieces in ... Read More

Roy Book Binder: Book's Blues Book - Book/Audio

Roy Book Binder

The Songs and Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements of Roy Book Binder

Book's Blues Book and its accompanying online audio represent a comprehensive cross section of the traditional and original blues that have been delighting Roy's audiences and inspiring guitar players through the years. By working your way through the tablature, you'll learn to play these great songs in note-for-note detail and pick up many inspiring blues licks and ... Read More

Russ Barenberg Teaches 20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos - Book/Audio

Russ Barenberg

Repertoire Tunes for Intermediate Players

This attractive book has a code inside that gives you computer access to the audio portion of this product. Russ Barenberg has compiled twenty solos in the bluegrass tradition -- fiddle tunes, contemporary instrumentals and breaks for songs -- that are moderately challenging but not too difficult for the average guitarist. While learning these pieces, Russ helps you develop solid flatpick guitar ... Read More

Singing in the African American Tradition - Volume One

Ysaye Barnwell

Traditional Choral & Congregational Vocal Music

Anyone who loves to sing will be thrilled by the depth and range of the material taught on these four lessons! You'll learn the melodies, harmonies, rhythms and counter-melodies to more than 20 great songs, and you'll participate in the joyous expression of this wonderful vocal tradition by singing along with the trackss. These lessons can be used ... Read More

Singing in the African American Tradition- Volume Two

Ysaye Barnwell

Building a Vocal Community

"There is an awesome power in the human voice and when uncommon voices are blended for the common good, they become a 'vocal community' at its best." - Ysaye M. Barnwell Start building a vocal community with these extraordinary vocal lessons. They can be used by individuals, friends, choirs, church, camp and community groups of any background who want to enjoy ... Read More

Steve Martin's The Crow

Steve Martin

Book of Tablature

Steve Martin is a comedian, novelist, screenwriter, actor and many other things, but his first love is the banjo, which he started playing as a teenager. His recent hit CD, "The Crow," features 15 original tunes in both clawhammer and three-finger Scruggs style in a variety of tunings. Each piece is challenging and ultimately very playable for most intermediate-level banjo ... Read More

The Guitar of Jorma Kaukonen - Book/Audio

Jorma Kaukonen

Detailed Analysis of 8 Classic Songs and Instrumentals

This collection by Jorma Kaukonen is a must for all players and fans who want to delve deeply into his innovative guitar style. Jorma performs eight of his most popular solo pieces, then analyzes them -- phrase-by-phrase -- for learning guitarists. The instruction on the CD, coupled with the clear and accurate transcriptions in the book, will make it possible for even ... Read More

The Peter Rowan Songbook

Peter Rowan
Peter Rowan has been one of the most influential singers and songwriters in contemporary bluegrass for over four decades. A musical experimenter, he has blurred the boundaries between old-time country, folk, reggae, blues and rock styles, and has even received some notoriety recently on the jam band circuit. Peter has played with everyone from Bill Monroe to Jerry Garcia, and ... Read More

Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar - Book/Audio

Tony Rice

A Master Picker Analyses His Pioneering Licks and Solos

A challenge and delight for intermediate and advanced flatpickers! Tony Rice passes on his brilliant improvisation, powerful soloing and the secrets of his left- and right-hand technique. Tony Rice is perhaps the most influential living acoustic guitar player in bluegrass, country and progressive “newgrass” styles. His spectacular technique, brilliant improvisation and powerful soloing are admired throughout the world. Tony has ... Read More

Tony's Choice

Tony Rice

Licks, Kickoffs and Solos

On this unique lesson, the late Tony Rice personally teaches intros, licks and complete solos to some of his favorite songs. Taken mainly from his hit albums "Cold On The Shoulder" and "Church Street Blues," these examples will give you a real taste of Tony's amazing guitar style as he interprets songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Norman Blake ... Read More

Tony Trischka Teaches 20 Easy Banjo Solos - Book/Audio

Tony Trischka

Play Along with a Master Picker!

Strengthen your skills while building a repertoire of great bluegrass banjo pieces! Tony Trischka has personally chosen twenty traditional banjo solos that will teach you new ideas and add to your arsenal of licks and techniques. You’ll learn as you play along with the audio tracks. Tony performs each tune up to speed, then slowly, providing invaluable tips and explanations ... Read More

Warren Bernhardt Teaches Jazz Piano - Volume One

Warren Bernhardt

Volume One: A Hands-On Course in Improvisation and Technique

Add richness to your playing and gain invaluable insight into the musical thinking of a great pianist. Warren Bernhardt's expert use of open and closed chord voicings to create harmonic textures, and his examination of the special colors of the four primary modes, will add depth and beauty to your piano playing. Combine these compositional cornerstones with tempo changes ... Read More
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