Arrangements for Solo Acoustic Guitar - Two-Video Set

Pete Huttlinger
These two lessons will challenge you and help bring your guitar chops to new levels! Whether he's teaching his arrangement of a classic pop tune or one of his own compositions, Pete's style is clear, methodical and personable as he imparts invaluable musical knowledge and innumerable playing tips. An engaging and accomplished instructor, Pete makes his dramatic performance ... Read More

Boogie Woogie Guitar

Del Rey
Here's a guitar lesson that will thrill, entertain, amaze and challenge you while imparting an array of great songs, licks and guitar arrangements. Del Rey's powerful guitar skills have been inspired in equal parts by classic blues guitarists and barrelhouse piano players. Her dynamic style combines moving chords, funky grooves, blues riffs and the boogie-woogie bass lines that ... Read More

Dan Crary's Flatpick Guitar Workshop

Dan Crary

An Exploration of Dynamic Soloing

You won't find a better teacher than Dan Crary to show you how to play exciting flatpicking tunes on the guitar. This in-depth lesson by one of the most dynamic and accomplished players on the acoustic music scene contains a wealth of technical knowledge, encouragement, inspiration and powerful ideas that will benefit all players. It's designed to give ... Read More

Doc's Guitar: Fingerpicking and Flatpicking

Doc Watson

Lessons From a Master

Doc Watson, a true master of traditional guitar styles and one of the most beloved folk musicians of all time, teaches some of the most requested fingerpicking and flatpicking tunes in his vast repertoire. Split-screen images allow you to watch his picking and fretting hands at the same time. You'll see and hear Doc's guitar playing in slowed-down ... Read More

Dynamic Country Blues Guitar

Catfish Keith
"One of the finest acoustic bluesmen in America.... This man is flat-out spectacular!"- Big City Blues On this outstanding lesson, Catfish Keith teaches his trademark arrangements of seven traditional country blues songs. He first plays the tune, then slows it down to highlight how he achieves his powerful fingerpicking style featuring heavy vibrato, powerful bends, "artificial" or "harp" harmonics, bottleneck ... Read More

Exploring DADGAD Guitar

Laurence Juber

New Sounds, Textures and Repertoire

In this richly detailed lesson, Laurence gives you a complete understanding of how DADGAD works and how, by using it, you can gain a deeper knowledge of the fingerboard and its vast possibilities. You'll discover the distinctive adjacent scale tones and open strings that make it such a joy to play in this tuning, and will learn to go ... Read More

Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Video 1

Laurence Juber

DVD One: Standard Tunings

This challenging session will propel your playing to new heights and open your ears to a myriad of possibilities for solo guitar. In a methodic breakdown of some of his most popular pieces - Solo Flight, A Bit of a George, In Your Arms and To New Amsterdam - Laurence Juber reveals the style and technique he has developed to create ... Read More

Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Video 2

Laurence Juber

DVD Two: Altered Tunings

Laurence Juber uses a full array of techniques to create his superb voicings and unique guitar arrangements. On this inspiring session he concentrates on pieces played in altered tunings, showing you how DADGAD, open-C and open-G minor tunings influence a tune's shape and sound. All of Laurence's instrumentals feature a variety of hammers, pulls, slides, bends, vibrato and ... Read More

Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Two-Video Set

Laurence Juber
Buy the Complete Set and Save! These challenging sessions will propel your solo acoustic playing to new heights. In a methodic breakdown of some of his most popular pieces, Laurence Juber reveals the percussive techniques and chord voicings he uses to create Baroque-inflected textures, atmosphere and color. And, while building your repertoire, Laurence loads you up with exercises to improve ... Read More

Guitar of Preston Reed

Preston Reed

Expanding The Realm of Acoustic Playing

Preston Reed has reinvented how the acoustic guitar is played with his dynamic use of percussive devices and unusual playing ideas. You'll learn to create a multitude of sonic and rhythmic effects with Preston's "rim shots," "bongo hits," slap harmonics, double hammer-ons, two-hand tapping, right-hand fretting and other techniques. In Slap Funk, Border Towns and Tribes, he ... Read More

Hooked On The Blues

Hans Theessink

Soulful Songs and Powerful Techniques From a Master Bluesman

Dazzling! Armed with a smokin' repertoire, he breathes new life into acoustic blues." -Guitar Player Magazine Blues fans and players worldwide have embraced the haunting, soulful sounds of the Mississippi Delta. Hans Theessink, a masterful player, singer and performer, teaches the powerful guitar styles that he learned first-hand from traditional players in the American South. Hans' passion for the blues ... Read More

How to Become a More Creative Guitarist

Adrian Legg

An Insider's Tips for Fingerstyle Players

This terrific lesson will give you all kinds of musical ideas and new ways to approach your guitar playing. Adrian Legg explores nine of his most popular instrumentals, teaching some of the devices that he has pioneered to achieve his thrilling sound. His easy but inventive arrangement of Silent Night in open D tuning gets you off to an enjoyable ... Read More
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