Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar - Two-Video Set

Cindy Cashdollar

For Lap Steel and Non-Pedal Models

Lesson 1: Lap steel and Dobro star Cindy Cashdollar starts with the basics of C6 tuning and the proper use of the bar, picks and volume pedal. You'll learn essential techniques, such as bar slams, octave slides, palm and pick blocking and other devices, and you'll move into more advanced territory with chord inversions, back-up licks, harmony lines ... Read More

Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar - Video 1

Cindy Cashdollar

Lesson One: Learning The Basics

The eight-string, non-pedal steel guitar* lent its distinctive sound to classic recordings by Bob Wills, Hank Williams and innumerable other country stars. This video gives you all the information you'll need to play this uniquely American instrument and capture the essence of the traditional country & western sound. Cindy Cashdollar, one of today's top players, starts with the ... Read More

Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar - Video 2

Cindy Cashdollar

Lesson Two: Beyond The Basics

Continue your exploration of non-pedal and lap steel guitar* as Cindy Cashdollar moves you into more advanced territory with techniques derived from the playing of Leon McCauliffe, Joachim Murphy and other great traditional players. You'll learn to use a variety of harmonics, develop speed and accuracy with single-string scales and exercises, and expand your musical possibilities with the chord ... Read More

Learn to Sing Western Harmony

Riders in the Sky
Sing along with Riders in the Sky as they pass along a magnificent American vocal music tradition. In the lighthearted, humorous manner that has endeared them to millions of fans, Ranger Doug, Too Slim and Woody Paul, with the help of Joey ("the Cowpolka King") Miskulin, show you how to sing your favorite cowboy, folk and country songs in beautiful ... Read More

Learn To Yodel

Tod Whittemore, Cathy Fink
This perennial favorite was used by Bette Midler, who learned to yodel for a movie role, as well as by countless others who love the powerful singing styles of Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, The Sons of the Pioneers, Slim Whitman, Patsy Montana ("The Cowboy's Sweetheart") and other country and western stars. These lessons are great for practicing at home ... Read More

My Instructional Tribute to Chet Atkins

Steve Wariner

Guitar Thumb-Picking, Musicianship and Technique

The legendary Chet Atkins conferred the initials "c.g.p." (Certified Guitar Picker) on only five players. One of those to be so honored was his close friend and picking buddy, Steve Wariner. On this richly detailed lesson, the multiple GRAMMY-winning country music star pays heartfelt tribute to his mentor. He teaches ear-catching original compositions and finger-challenging arrangements that incorporate ... Read More

New Acoustic Guitar

Tony Rice
Here's the whole gamut of the Tony Rice guitar, from bluegrass to his own "new acoustic" compositions. You'll learn licks, runs, tunes, advanced rhythm parts and the complex, improvisational solos that Tony is known for all over the world. Songs: Red-Haired Boy, Little Sadie, Your Love Is Like A Flower, Blue Railroad Train, Old Train, Ginseng Sullivan, Wild ... Read More

Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques - Two-Video Set

Norman Blake

Lessons One and Two

Get both of Norman Blake's terrific DVD lessons and save! Lesson 1: Norman teaches the flatpicking fundamentals and fretting techniques that give his songs, licks and instrumentals their soulful trademark sound. Norman also provides invaluable tips on the use of the capo, using open strings, special tunings, back-up technique and lots more. You'll learn his unique rolling pick ... Read More

Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques - Video 1

Nancy Blake, Norman Blake

Songs, Instrumentals and Styles

This video is a boon to all players who want to explore country flatpicking and the smooth, uncluttered Norman Blake guitar style. In his clear and concise way, Norman covers the basics of his technique so that even near-beginners will gain the important skills necessary to play in this style. You'll learn alternating strokes, rolls, crosspicking, single string/rhythm ... Read More

Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques-Video 2

Norman Blake

Ten Stellar Songs and Instrumentals

Norman Blake has long been an icon for lovers of great country-style guitar, a "musician's musician" whose impeccable taste and sure touch have inspired countless folk, bluegrass and country players. Norman's music combines a true old-time sound with just enough of a modern touch to make his playing both timeless and contemporary.   Norman expands the exploration of ... Read More

Rockabilly Guitar - Lesson One

Jim Weider

Licks and Techniques of the Rock Pioneers

Rockabilly, the wild, freewheeling sound that united country music with rhythm and blues, ushered in the rock revolution. In this powerful lesson, the guitar licks and techniques of the great rockabilly artists who started it all are slowed down and brought up close for learning guitarists! Jim Weider's encyclopedic knowledge of the early rockers and their instruments make this ... Read More

Rockabilly Guitar - Lesson Two

Jim Weider

Licks and Techniques of the Rock Pioneers

Rock 'n' roll was born in the 1950's when rhythm & blues collided with country music to form rockabilly. This exciting new music's earliest heroes played a brand new instrument-the electric guitar. In this video, the licks and techniques of two of the great early rock guitarists--Chuck Berry and Eddie Cochran -- are slowed down and brought up close ... Read More
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