Rockabilly Guitar - Two Video Set

Jim Weider

Licks and Techniques Of The Rock Pioneers

With Levon Helm (drums) Rick Danko (bass) Chris Zaloom (guitar) Rockabilly, the wild, freewheeling sound that united country music with rhythm and blues, ushered in the rock revolution. In this powerful 2-DVD set, the guitar licks and techniques of the great rockabilly artists who started it all are slowed down and brought up close for learning guitarists! Jim Weider's ... Read More

Secrets for Successful Flatpicking

Bryan Sutton
This extraordinary lesson is filled with spectacular picking, detailed instruction and invaluable advice for aspiring bluegrass guitarists at all levels. Bryan Sutton thoughtfully and methodically lays out his "tricks of the trade" to help you play any tune and improve your flatpicking speed, power, timing and musicianship. Bryan addresses many of the problems that he sees in aspiring pickers, and ... Read More

Steve Wariner Up Close

Steve Wariner

Secrets of a Hot Nashville Picker

Take a private lesson with one of country music's most renowned stars. On this Homespun DVD, Steve Wariner dissects his award-winning guitar style, with its ear-catching riffs, beautiful melodies and complex harmonies. Playing his Fender electric, Steve analyzes his unique approach to fingerstyle guitar. He covers some of the instrumental tunes from his hit CD "No More Mr. Nice ... Read More

The Banjo of Eddie Adcock

Eddie Adcock
Eddie Adcock has forged new pathways into traditional three-finger picking by developing a style that combines traditional Scruggs-style bluegrass with country, folk, jazz, blues, gospel and rockabilly sounds. On this fascinating lesson, Eddie takes some of his most requested instrumentals and breaks each down into "little bits and parts," analyzing the chord shapes and licks in a way that will ... Read More

The Peter Rowan Songbook

Peter Rowan
Peter Rowan has been one of the most influential singers and songwriters in contemporary bluegrass for over four decades. A musical experimenter, he has blurred the boundaries between old-time country, folk, reggae, blues and rock styles, and has even received some notoriety recently on the jam band circuit. Peter has played with everyone from Bill Monroe to Jerry Garcia, and ... Read More

The Real Honky Tonk Piano

Tim Alexander
Master the honky tonk and Western Swing piano styles that make the dance halls and juke joints jump! This good-time rhythmic music, with origins in ragtime, novelty songs, stride, blues and boogie-woogie, is full of catchy intros and breathtaking solos. Tim Alexander clearly details the authentic techniques needed to play like a pro: intervals, chords, arpeggios, octaves, bass lines, trumpet-style ... Read More

The Real Merle Travis Guitar

Thom Bresh

Like Father, Like Son

Here's a guitar lesson that is a must for all fans of Merle Travis! The only son of the legendary guitarist gives us an in-depth look at the famous technique that changed the course of guitar history. When Merle Travis passed away in 1983, we lost one of our most innovative and distinctive musical voices. Fortunately, his songs and ... Read More

The Songs and Guitar of Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Colin Gilmore

Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Colin Gilmore

Family Style Music

Jimmie Dale Gilmore is an American music icon. His expressive tenor voice, with its distinctive Texas twang and deep folk and country influences, has captivated audiences for decades. Colin Gilmore’s style has clearly been shaped by his father’s music, but he builds on the traditions he was surrounded with growing up in the Austin, Texas, music scene. The two playing ... Read More

The Songs and Guitar of Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Ramblin' Jack Elliott
This lesson captures a fascinating musical exchange between two icons of American folk music as they reminisce, sing songs, and talk about the various influences on Jack's singular guitar style. Jack and Arlo discuss Jack's formative days and the first songs he learned when he ran away from home to join a rodeo. Then they proceed through many ... Read More

The Tony Rice Guitar Method

Tony Rice

With Wyatt Rice, Second Guitar

In a wide-ranging and detailed session, Tony Rice demonstrates his world-famous technique, gives invaluable advice, analyzes some of his best-known pieces and discusses his style, influences, guitars and favorite players. This exceptionally rich two-part set is filled with fascinating conversation and the amazing playing we've all come to expect from this master picker. Tony geared this lesson so that ... Read More

Thom Bresh In Concert

Thom Bresh, Buster B. Jones
Thom Bresh's "The Real Merle Travis Guitar" has been one of Homespun's best-sellers for several years, so we were delighted when he agreed to perform live for our cameras. The result is a look at a consummate entertainer and powerful guitarist in concert. Playing some of his favorite instruments -- his handmade Unity Guitar (a copy of Merle Travis ... Read More

Tools for Musicianship

Matt Glaser
This three-hour audio download course will forever change the way you play your instrument or hear music. They are packed with fascinating information, important exercises and invaluable training techniques that will polish your musical skills and bring your playing to a higher level! Whether your preference is for folk, jazz, bluegrass, country, classical or rock, you will gain deeper musical ... Read More
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