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Homespun's Direct Digital Access service is an easy, fast and economical way to purchase and instantly download or stream our high-quality instructional videos. Getting and using Homespun lessons has never been easier.

After you have chosen "Instant Download" from our product page and you check out, you'll have a choice of how to view the digital lessons you have purchased.

1) Stream Your Lesson Right Now!

If you have an Internet connection, simply click on "Your Digital Library" at the top of any page and start viewing your purchased lessons on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

2) Install our Homespun Instant Access Player

Install one of the players that matches your system (Apple, Windows, Android, Play Station, etc.), then download your lesson to your computer's hard drive and view it anytime, anywhere (even where there is no internet). The playback quality rivals that of a DVD and our proprietary software will give you some great functions, including looping and slo-mo, that you will get even by streaming the lessons from your Library!

Your Lessons Will Always Be There, Waiting For You to Work on Your Music

All of your purchases are stored in the cloud under your private account, and will stream seamlessly. They will never be lost, even if you change computers. All companion materials, such as music and TAB books, are also viewable and are stored in your personal library, which is now available directly from the Homespun web site. 


If you want a perfect playback experience, anytime, anywhere, online or offline, get free player apps below and download your purchases.


iPad, iPhone iPod Touch

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Android tablet or phone

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Or stream.

Access your entire “library in the cloud” from any compatible browser on any device anytime you have a good internet connection.

Smart TV

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