Classic Rock, Country and Blues Drumming

Levon Helm with special guests, The Band: Garth Hudson, Rick Danko, Jim Weider, Randy Ciarlante and Guest Keyboardist Aaron (Professor Louie) Hurwitz.

Conversation, Instruction and Performances by a Beloved Musical Icon

Take a lesson from a true rock legend! The late Levon Helm’s music reflected a cross-section of American roots music: Delta blues, country, rockabilly, R&B and, of course, the indelible music of The Band. In this rare session, taped in his barn-like studio and recently re-released after more than a decade, the Arkansas native shares his unique ideas on drumming ... Read More

Drumming For Kids

Sam Zucchini

Making the Basics Fun and Easy

Every kid wants to be a drummer, and this is the coolest way ever to get started! Sam Zucchini makes it fun and easy as he teaches how to keep time, count beats, understand rhythm and generally get tuned in to playing in an ensemble. The other Zucchini Brothers (popular children's entertainers, musicians and all-around colorful personalities) join in ... Read More

Drumming Made Easy

Harvey Sorgen
This fun, easy, hands-on lesson is a complete drum primer! From the first minutes of this lesson, beginners of all ages will be playing rhythm grooves right along with Harvey and his band. Harvey teaches how to hold the sticks and the basic concepts of reading music and timing. Using four elementary grooves, he provides exercises to help you strengthen ... Read More

Musical Expression On The Drum Set

Jack DeJohnette
Master drummer Jack DeJohnette sees his instrument as a complete musical entity, melodic as well as percussive. His fascinating lesson breaks down his unique approach for drummers of all levels - and anyone else who plays an instrument or simply loves music. You'll learn how Jack creates a flow of improvisational ideas through balance and relaxation as he communicates his ... Read More

Talking Drummers

Jack DeJohnette, Don Alias

A Journey of Music, Friendship and Spirit

This rare and extraordinary lesson takes you behind the scenes and into the recording studio with two world-class musicians, recorded in 1997 in Woodstock, NY. Performing on congas, djembes, shakers, trap set, log drums, ocarina and keyboards, Jack DeJohnette and the late Don Alias joyously improvised an album of percussion-based works, creating, overdubbing, changing, editing---and you are there to see ... Read More

The Complete All-Around Drummer - DVD Two

Danny Gottlieb
On this second amazing DVD session, Danny Gottlieb surveys the techniques of the great musicians - Buddy Rich, Mel Lewis, Gary Chester, Airto Moreira, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny and Mark Egan - who have helped him become a "complete all-around drummer." The lesson is filled with invaluable tips, important advice and inspiring musical ideas for all learning players. Numerous hands-on exercises will ... Read More

The Complete All-Around Drummer-Two Video Set

Danny Gottlieb
This exciting two video set by one of the world's most in-demand drummers is loaded with practice tips and hands-on exercises designed to build versatility and develop technique and facility. Read More

The Complete All-Around Drummer - Video One

Danny Gottlieb
Complete all-around drummers need to be able to play in any style, maintain solid grooves and have total command of their instrument. Danny Gottlieb taps his vast experience to help players at all levels become total musicians. Drawing from his unique "Workshop Study Guide" that has helped thousands of players in clinics across the US and abroad, Danny covers everything ... Read More