Appalachian Dulcimer

Lorraine Lee Hammond
Here's a complete course in all aspects of this favorite American mountain instrument, from the easiest level to a creative musical experience that combines song accompaniment, picking techniques, theory and harmony. Learn a variety of tunings and more than 30 wonderful songs and instrumentals, from traditional Appalachian tunes to jazz and blues tunes. Lorraine Lee Hammond has been one ... Read More

Appalachian Mandolin

Butch Baldassari, David Schnaufer
This pdf file of music and mandolin tablature features fourteen traditional Appalachian songs and dances as played and arranged by the late Butch Baldassari and the late dulcimer master, David Schnaufer. Learning to play these lively and beautiful pieces will build your mandolin (or fiddle) repertoire, enhance your overall instrumental skills, and provide hours of fun. Accompanying the pdf is ... Read More

Exploring the Beauty of the Appalachian Dulcimer

Carol Walker

Chords, Harmonies and Fingerstyle Arrangements to Expand Your Boundaries

You've been playing the mountain dulcimer but you need a fresh, new approach that will bring your playing to a new level. Carol Walker has the perfect solution with her fingerstyle technique, “delicious” chord voicings and beautiful song arrangements.  After covering the “nitty gritty stuff” - tuning (DAD), holding the instrument, fretting exercises - Carol starts you off with the ... Read More

Hammer Dulcimer - A Complete 6-Hour Audio Course

John McCutcheon
A complete course in the hammer dulcimer, taught by one of its leading players! John McCutcheon starts at the beginning, introducing you to the instrument and leading you through a myriad of tunes and techniques to make you an accomplished and versatile instrumentalist. You'll learn a repertoire of more than 20 tunes and variations, in several keys, rhythms and ... Read More

Learning Mountain Dulcimer

David Schnaufer
Even a novice can make sweet sounds and play simple tunes after first picking up the mountain dulcimer. At the same time, in the hands of an experienced player it can be a rich, complex and versatile musical instrument. This easy to follow, comprehensive lesson by "America's Dulcimer Champion," David Schnaufer, shows beginning players how to tune up in ... Read More

The Hammer Dulcimer

John McCutcheon
In this comprehensive and easy to follow beginner's course, John McCutcheon brings his vast musical knowledge and experience to learning hammer dulcimer players. John guides you through the fundamentals of this beautiful and compelling instrument, and will have you playing exciting tunes almost immediately. You'll learn how to tune and set up your instrument, hold the hammers, find ... Read More

Traditional Mountain Dulcimer

Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie is one of the true legendary figures in American traditional music. She has practically defined the mountain dulcimer for players of the folk revival for the past six decades.  Anyone, regardless of musical experience, will be able to play the songs and tunes that Jean teaches. You will learn the basics of music, including tunings, modes, strums ... Read More

Walt Michael's Hammer Dulcimer

Walt Michael

Tunes and Techniques

One of America's most innovative hammer dulcimer players teaches a wide variety of wonderful tunes, breaking them down and describing the techniques necessary to play them smoothly and proficiently. Includes reels, breakdowns, Southern old-time music, medleys and contemporary favorites. Songs: Bermudaful, Snowblind, McKim's Reel, The Breakdown, Devil's Dream, The Black Nag, Hawks And Eagles, Gray Cat On ... Read More