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Can I burn my Homespun Instant Access courses to a DVD?

  • No, our online system is designed to give you "instant access" to what you've purchased via streaming or viewing through our proprietary player. This gives you convenience and a number of functions that you would not get with a physical DVD. 

    We also are happy that, while 1.6 billion DVDs (and packaging) every year find their ways into landfills, junking up this beautiful planet, Homespun Instant Access is a completely eco-friendly way to buy and view video titles.

Is the Homespun site secure?

Absolutely!  Our site has a SSL certificate, which you can verify by clicking on a padlock inside your address bar. All of the site transactions are done on https:// protocol.

Can I enjoy my Homespun Instant Access programs even if I’m not connected to the internet?

  • Yes! When you purchase a product, just make sure the entire product downloads to our Platform Purple player. Then, you can take your laptop to a cabin in the woods, the beach or on an ocean voyage and watch any program you wish.

I get messages and tech support from a company called Platform Purple. Who are they?

You may wonder what Platform Purple has to do with Homespun. Well, this terrific company is our partner in our download and streaming service, and they make it possible for us to deliver our lessons to you in a seamless and, as much as possible, trouble-free way. In the rare instances that there is a problem with your downloads, they will be the ones who will provide the tech support you'll need to get you up and running quickly.  So, Platform Purple is a trusted and integral part of our service. 

What do I do if I change my email address?

If you want to make sure you still receive our daily emails offering new releases, sales and news, please sign up on our home page using your new email address.

If you have a download library and you access it using an email address that no longer exists, that is no problem. You can always continue to use an inactive email address as a user name. However, if you ever want to change your password, the link to change it will go to your old email address. A good idea would be to create a new account at homespun.com using your updated email address. Purchase a download from that account. Then you would temporarily have two libraries. Just email info@homespun.com to have them merged into one.

What if my hard drive crashes or I buy a new computer?

No problem at all. You can go to homespun.com on any device, anywhere in the world that has internet, and access your digital library just by logging in. If you lost your downloaded lessons when your computer crashed, just click on the link on the home page DOWNLOAD/STREAMING and re-download an app to your new device. When you log in, your lessons will be there.