Easy Steps to Blues Guitar Jamming - Two-Video Set

Happy Traum, Artie Traum
These lessons have been produced so that players at all levels will be able to play along and jam with famed musicians Happy and Artie Traum. They're filled with detailed instruction, good songs, invaluable advice, and the techniques you'll need to trade riffs, use chord inversions, move around the fingerboard and improvise creative solos. Video 1 shows you ... Read More

Easy Steps to Blues Guitar Jamming - Video 1

Happy Traum, Artie Traum

Play Along and Learn!

There is nothing more fun and exciting for a guitar player than having the skills to improvise in a jam session. The trick is to have your fundamentals down so you can be comfortable when you play with others. Happy and Artie Traum have designed this lesson so that even a novice will be able to play along, but it ... Read More

Easy Steps to Blues Guitar Jamming - Video 2

Happy Traum, Artie Traum

Exploring the Keys of C, D and G

Play along with Happy and Artie Traum as they continue their excursion into blues jamming and improvisation. Like their previous lesson, this one is filled with good songs, sage advice, important tips and fascinating insights into blues guitar techniques. Each key on the guitar lends itself to distinct licks, chord positions, turnarounds and bass patterns. Happy and Artie make learning ... Read More

Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking - Lesson 1

Happy Traum

Video One: Demystifying Alternate Thumb Style

There is probably no acoustic guitar style as popular, or as mysterious to novices, as alternate-bass fingerpicking. For many aspiring players the ability to maintain a rock-steady rhythmic pulse with their thumb while picking out off-the-beat melody notes with their fingers represents a "holy grail" of country, folk and blues playing. The beauty of this style is that you are ... Read More

Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking - Three-Video Set

Happy Traum

Three-Video set

BUY THE COMPLETE SET AND SAVE! Drawing on four decades of teaching experience, Happy Traum has devised this nearly foolproof method to help you get off to a great start. He trains you to "rewire your brain" so that playing in this style becomes second nature. Happy also imparts invaluable information about finger picks, string damping, Travis style picking and ... Read More

Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking - Video 2

Happy Traum

Lesson 2: Songs in Dropped D Tuning

On this second lesson in the set, Happy Traum takes his hands-on, user-friendly fingerpicking course to the next level. He builds your guitar skills in a comprehensive, step-by-step method that will soon have even novice pickers playing firmly in intermediate territory. This lesson concentrates on the versatile and useful "dropped D" tuning, with its booming bass notes and full-sounding chords ... Read More

Easy Steps to Guitar Fingerpicking - Video 3

Happy Traum

Graduating into Classic Repertoire

Now that you have mastered the basics of the alternate-thumb picking style, Happy Traum brings your playing up a few notches by introducing you to the songs and sounds of Merle Travis, Doc Watson, John Hurt and other masters of traditional guitar fingerpicking. Each piece you learn will add challenging techniques that will build your musical versatility, increase your dexterity ... Read More

Enrich Your Playing With Dropped D Tuning

Happy Traum

Easy Tunes in a Variety of Keys

Here's a perfect lesson on using dropped D tuning, a beautiful and versatile way to play songs and instrumentals on your guitar. Happy Traum shows you harmony-filled tunes in the keys of D, G, and A while building your basic fingerstyle technique and increasing your musical skills. The famous old spiritual, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, in the “home” key ... Read More

Essential Blues for Acoustic Guitar

Artie Traum
This book/CD pack is designed to help you quickly become a better blues player. Award-winning guitarist, songwriter, author and Taylor Guitars clinician Artie Traum explores essential blues techniques in fret-by-fret detail for both finger and flatpick styles. You'll learn to play classic blues songs such as "Country Boy Blues," "Come Back Baby," and "Trouble in Mind," along with ... Read More

Essential Chords and Progressions For Acoustic Guitar

Artie Traum
Expand your chord knowledge and make your playing come alive! Whether you play folk, swing, jazz, blues or rock, this easy-to-follow CD/book will take you to the next level as a rhythm player.Don't get stuck in ordinary C, D, E and G chords.This is your opportunity to open up to new harmonic ideas and develop your ... Read More

Expand Your DADGAD Blues Vocabulary

Al Petteway

Get Rich, Bluesy Sounds With This Tuning!

With its ringing strings and modal-sounding timbre, DADGAD is a beautiful tuning for coaxing rich, bluesy sounds out of your guitar. Master player Al Petteway shows you how to create cool Delta blues-style turnarounds, chord progressions, licks, and other playing techniques, along with arrangements for two classic blues songs: Going Down Slow and T-Bone Walker's classic, Stormy Monday.  ... Read More

Expand Your Fingerpicking Repertoire and Technique

John James

Dazzling Guitar Rags, Jazzy Tunes and Classic Blues

John James, Britain's premier ragtime guitarist and a consummate teacher and performer, leads you through the complexities of advanced chord shapes, moving bass lines, the use of harmonics, slides and bends, advanced melodic structure, and gives you pointers on how to arrange your own fingerpicking pieces. These audio-only lessons move from the simpler to the more complex, but even ... Read More
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