Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Video 1

Laurence Juber

DVD One: Standard Tunings

This challenging session will propel your playing to new heights and open your ears to a myriad of possibilities for solo guitar. In a methodic breakdown of some of his most popular pieces - Solo Flight, A Bit of a George, In Your Arms and To New Amsterdam - Laurence Juber reveals the style and technique he has developed to create ... Read More

Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Video 2

Laurence Juber

DVD Two: Altered Tunings

Laurence Juber uses a full array of techniques to create his superb voicings and unique guitar arrangements. On this inspiring session he concentrates on pieces played in altered tunings, showing you how DADGAD, open-C and open-G minor tunings influence a tune's shape and sound. All of Laurence's instrumentals feature a variety of hammers, pulls, slides, bends, vibrato and ... Read More

Fishin' Blues and Carroll County Blues Single Download

Mike Seeger

Old Time Guitar Fingerpicking

There was no one more knowledgeable about old-time American music than Mike Seeger. He played it all his life and spread it around the world. In his complete DVD, Seeger put together an amazing survey of traditional guitar styles from the rural South including “Fishing Blues” in a Mississippi John Hurt style and “Carroll County Blues” in a fiddle tune ... Read More

Five Unique Pieces for Blues/Roots Guitar

Mary Flower

Build Your Technique Step-by-Step

Mary Flower has a masterful command of the blues. She combines technical know-how with an undeniably soulful groove. Here, Mary teaches five original, distinct pieces that cover four different tunings: standard, dropped D, open G, and D minor. West Delta Blues employs a “dead thumb” right hand picking technique and a cool sliding lick on the treble strings that draw ... Read More

Gospel Guitar

Happy Traum

Ten Easy Songs of Spirit and Faith

Here are ten carefully chosen traditional spirituals, hymns and bluegrass gospel songs that any beginner or early-intermediate player will enjoy learning. These beautiful songs have been specifically arranged to help you expand your repertoire of folk/gospel material while developing knowledge, technique and skill on your guitar. The songs have been designed so that you'll gain experience with basic ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons - Blues and Country Fingerpicking

Eddie Adcock, Roy Book Binder, Doc Watson, John Jackson, Thom Bresh, Rory Block, Happy Traum

Blues & Country Fingerpicking

This terrific compilation features basic to advanced lessons from some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. You'll become familiar with each instructor's teaching and playing style, and expand your own guitar technique, as you master several complete tunes. Happy Traum - "John Henry" (new lesson); John Jackson - "Louis Collins" (The Fingerpicking Blues Of John Jackson); Rory Block - "Fixin' To ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons - Fingerstyle Techniques

Muriel Anderson, Frederic Hand, Laurence Juber, Alex de Grassi, Chris Proctor, David Wilcox, Martin Simpson, Preston Reed

Fingerstyle Techniques

Some of the most creative and compelling contemporary music in recent years has been made by acoustic fingerstyle guitarists. The term "fingerstyle" denotes the use of thumb and two or three fingers of the picking hand to achieve moving bass lines, sharply delineated melodies and complex harmonies. Some artists use classical guitar techniques to create their music, others blend classical ... Read More

Great Guitar Lessons Special Package

Roy Book Binder, Chris Proctor,Norman Blake,Tony Rice, Nick Forster

Great Flatpicking, Blues & Country, Fingerstyle

All three guitar lesson compilations for the low package price of $59.95 - SAVE $15! These three terrific compilations feature lessons at all levels, from basic to advanced, taken from the DVDs of some of Homespun's most celebrated pickers. BLUEGRASS FLATPICKING After Happy Traum gives an overview of flatpicking for those just starting out, you'll become familiar with ... Read More

Happy Traum's Complete Fingerpicking Guitar Method

Happy Traum
These six hours of listening will teach you how to pick out syncopated melodies while maintaining a steady rhythmic bass pattern in the styles of Merle Travis, Elizabeth Cotten, John Hurt and others. Even students who have never done this kind of picking before will be improvising fingerpicking solos by the end of this series! Songs: John Henry, Sugar Babe ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks: The Complete Four-Video Set

Happy Traum
Happy Traum created these easy, enjoyable lessons to help novice players learn essential guitar techniques, along with several songs to illustrate each subject. Great for beginning/intermediate guitarists who want to target specific areas for improvement. Student Review: "I would just like to let you know, I have been studying Guitar Building Blocks every evening for three hours and found ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 2

Happy Traum

Bass Runs and How to Use Them

Bass runs help provide a smooth and musically interesting transition as you change chords. They're especially useful in country, bluegrass and folk songs, often providing a harmony line to the sung melody. Learning to add bass runs to your chord progressions teaches you how to play the notes of the scale in several keys, and helps you develop good ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 3

Happy Traum

Instant Fingerpicking Success

The fingerpicking style is one of the most popular and engaging ways of playing the guitar. It's especially good for song accompaniment, and has been favored by folk, blues and country pickers, especially singer-songwriters such as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Shawn Colvin and Nanci Griffith.  This lesson de-mystifies the right-hand technique by breaking it down into patterns that ... Read More
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