Things Are Looking Up

Pete Huttlinger

A Single Song Lesson

Many of you know that the great fingerstyle guitarist, Pete Huttlinger, has had to overcome some very serious health issues in the past couple of years. This optimistically-titled guitar composition reflects Pete's up-beat nature and confirms his outlook that things are definitely getting better for him. Written and played in dropped D tuning, Pete's extended, multi-part instrumental will ... Read More

Two Guitar Jamming

Pat Donohue, Mike Dowling

Learning To Play Well With Others

It's great fun to take out your guitar and pick with a friend. The trick is to play interesting and distinct lead and rhythm parts that are musical and tasteful- without getting in the other player's way. In a lively, "jam-packed" display of ideas and musicianship, Mike Dowling (with the expert help of Pat Donohue) teaches the necessary ... Read More

Will The Circle Be Unbroken: Two-Lesson Set

Happy Traum

Maybelle Carter Style and Travis Style

Just about everyone knows this great old country/gospel song. It’s sung and played at least once at every jam session and campfire singalong, not to mention being the perfect ending to an evening concert. A. P. Carter picked it up from an old hymn, written in 1907, and he, Sara and Maybelle inspired its unending popularity when the Carter ... Read More

You Can Play Guitar - 2-Video Set

Happy Traum

A Complete Course for the Beginner

You can make music on the guitar even if you have never strummed a note! Happy Traum makes it easy with his unique step-by-step method, honed by forty years of teaching experience. He provides you with the skills you need to play and sing literally hundreds of songs in a wide variety of styles. Each of the three lessons explores ... Read More
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