Danny Boy - A Free Mini-Lesson

Happy Traum

Play an Irish Classic

"Danny Boy" is one of those rare songs that transcends the tradition/pop genres, with its sentimentality and anthem-like qualities. It's probably Ireland's most famous song. The words were written early in the 20th Century and were set to a much older tune, "The Londonderry Air" (or as the Clancy Brothers used to call it, "The London Derriere ... Read More

Easy Fingerpicking Favorites

Happy Traum
Learn to play five easy songs that should be in every fingerpicker's repertoire: "Railroad Bill," "My Creole Belle," "Cocaine Blues," "Freight Train," "Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor." Happy plays each tune in its simplest form, then moves the appropriate notes off the beat (while the bass maintains its steady, on-the-beat rhythm) so you can clearly understand where ... Read More

Enrich Your Playing With Dropped D Tuning

Happy Traum

Easy Tunes in a Variety of Keys

Here's a perfect lesson on using dropped D tuning, a beautiful and versatile way to play songs and instrumentals on your guitar. Happy Traum shows you harmony-filled tunes in the keys of D, G, and A while building your basic fingerstyle technique and increasing your musical skills. The famous old spiritual, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, in the “home” key ... Read More

Essential Exercises for Fingerstyle Guitar

Pete Huttlinger
An accomplished fingerstyle guitarist needs to have full control of her or his picking hand along with a complete knowledge of the guitar fingerboard. Peter Huttlinger provides you with the advice, practice routines and exercises that will enable you to play with good tone, strict timing and confidence. Pete makes this important topic fun for guitarists at all levels. He ... Read More

Expand Your DADGAD Blues Vocabulary

Al Petteway

Get Rich, Bluesy Sounds With This Tuning!

With its ringing strings and modal-sounding timbre, DADGAD is a beautiful tuning for coaxing rich, bluesy sounds out of your guitar. Master player Al Petteway shows you how to create cool Delta blues-style turnarounds, chord progressions, licks, and other playing techniques, along with arrangements for two classic blues songs: Going Down Slow and T-Bone Walker's classic, Stormy Monday.  ... Read More

Expand Your Fingerpicking Repertoire and Technique

John James

Dazzling Guitar Rags, Jazzy Tunes and Classic Blues

John James, Britain's premier ragtime guitarist and a consummate teacher and performer, leads you through the complexities of advanced chord shapes, moving bass lines, the use of harmonics, slides and bends, advanced melodic structure, and gives you pointers on how to arrange your own fingerpicking pieces. These audio-only lessons move from the simpler to the more complex, but even ... Read More

Exploring DADGAD Guitar

Laurence Juber

New Sounds, Textures and Repertoire

In this richly detailed lesson, Laurence gives you a complete understanding of how DADGAD works and how, by using it, you can gain a deeper knowledge of the fingerboard and its vast possibilities. You'll discover the distinctive adjacent scale tones and open strings that make it such a joy to play in this tuning, and will learn to go ... Read More

Exploring the Guitar with Keb' Mo'

Keb' Mo'

Songs and Arrangements to Enrich Your Playing

Keb' Mo' expertly accompanies his distinctively soulful songs with folk/blues fingerpicking, swampy slide licks, contemporary pop chords and a touch of jazz. The seven arrangements he teaches on this lesson are simple enough for early intermediate guitarists, but provide enough twists and turns to interest advanced musicians as well. With his easy-going humor and deep musical knowledge, Keb' Mo ... Read More

Exploring the House of the Rising Sun - Two Video Set

Happy Traum

Learn to Play An American Classic

Lesson One: Here’s one of America’s best-known and most powerful folk/blues songs, a classic that every aspiring guitarist will want to learn. Happy Traum breaks down the iconic arrangement he learned from the great Dave Van Ronk, with it’s unique descending bass line and ear-catching chord progression. He then develops variations that will teach early-intermediate players much about the ... Read More

Exploring "The Sloop John B."

Happy Traum

Learn a Classic Caribbean Folksong

The old Bahamian folk song, “The Sloop John B.” (also known as “John B. Sails”), was one of the most popular and widely-sung songs of the folk revival. It was in virtually everyone’s setlist and was recorded by dozens of artists, from the Weavers to the Beach Boys. It can be played as an engaging sing-along or as a ... Read More

Fingerpicking Arrangements of Four Pop Songs

Ernie Hawkins

Piedmont Style

Some of the most unforgettable popular songs in American musical history were written in the early years of the 20th century. Guitar ace Ernie Hawkins has made arrangements of four classic pop songs that are perfect for the alternate-thumb fingerpicking method known as Piedmont Style. Working through each of these wonderful songs - When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob ... Read More

Fingerstyle Artistry of Laurence Juber - Two-Video Set

Laurence Juber
Buy the Complete Set and Save! These challenging sessions will propel your solo acoustic playing to new heights. In a methodic breakdown of some of his most popular pieces, Laurence Juber reveals the percussive techniques and chord voicings he uses to create Baroque-inflected textures, atmosphere and color. And, while building your repertoire, Laurence loads you up with exercises to improve ... Read More
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