The Ultimate Gypsy Jazz/Swing Guitar Lesson - Two-DVD Set

Paul Mehling

Both the Fundamentals and their Practical Applications!

“The nuts and bolts things to do in order to play faster, louder, better.” - Paul “Pazzo” Mehling Hot Club of San Francisco guitarist Paul Mehling builds on all his popular Homespun lessons with this comprehensive workout/ practice regimen for aspiring swing players. He focuses on robust warm-ups and training exercises to develop good time, tone, speed and the specific techniques ... Read More
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Twelve of My Favorite Licks

Ray Flacke
One of Nashville's most sought-after Telecaster  players teaches a dozen great licks and dynamic ideas to add power and interest to your playing. He includes techniques such as two-string unison bends, staccato licks, open-string chimes, string pull exercises and block chord pedal steel pulls. Read More
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