"Big Island" - Slack Key Style in Open G

Mike Dowling

A Single Song Lesson

Learn to play this soulful Mike Dowling original tune in the slack key style and you’ll feel the gentle breezes of the islands waft into your life. While this fingerstyle piece is reasonably easy to play, it has some really neat rhythmic and harmonic elements - lots of double-stops in thirds and sixths - that will make it well worth working on ... Read More

Keola Beamer Teaches Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

Keola Beamer
Here's the perfect introduction to "slack key," a picking style in traditional alternate tunings that's a cross between country fingerpicking and classical guitar. The music, which can be played on any guitar, has a lush sound that is instantly evocative of the islands of the Pacific.Keola Beamer, a member of one of Hawaii's most illustrious musical ... Read More

Learn To Play Traditional Hawaiian Guitar

Bob Brozman
Get the real Hawaiian steel guitar sound! This lesson for guitarists, Dobro, lap steel and pedal steel players covers bar techniques, hand positions, scale patterns, Hawaiian tunings, vibrato, harmonic "chimes" and more. Bob stresses the importance of using palm harmonics and explains some incredible secrets for getting sounds up and down the neck. You'll learn to play four Hawaiian ... Read More

The Art of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

Keola Beamer
The beauty and elegance of Hawaiian slack key guitar is becoming increasingly popular, and Keola Beamer, one of the contemporary masters of the style, provides the perfect introduction to this music. His lush fingerpicking and evocative songs will add new sounds and flavors to your repertoire. Keola has chosen seven traditional and original compositions to give you an overview of ... Read More

The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar of Ledward Kaapana

Bob Brozman, Ledward Kaapana
Ledward Kaapana is widely acknowledged to be one of the most exciting and accomplished players in ki ho'alu, or slack key guitar style. Playing in open-chord and other alternate tunings, Led's two-finger picking and alternating bass is reminiscent of the great blues and country guitarists, but with the licks and harmonies typical of Hawaiian traditional music. His playing ... Read More

Traditional Caribbean Guitar

Bob Brozman

Calypso & Other Island Rhythms

Add a touch of the islands to your guitar playing! The wild pulses, danceable syncopations and playful lyrics of this traditional folk-based world music will spice up your entire repertoire. Highlighting a variety of fingerpicking and strumming patterns, tempos and keys, Bob details all the elements of the single- and double-tone forms. You'll master the components needed to play ... Read More