Jazz Mandolin

Andy Statman

From Bill Monroe to BeBop

This in-depth mandolin method takes you beyond bluegrass and into the fascinating realm jazz improvisation. Starting with an exploration of Bill Monroe's blues-tinged bluegrass style, Andy Statman guides you through a variety of scales, modes, riffs, chord progressions and substitutions. In addition to teaching his own techniques, he shows you, in detail, how to improvise bebop, swing and contemporary ... Read More

Learn to Play Klezmer Music

Andy Statman
Learn to play the joyous traditional instrumental music of the eastern European Jews. This stirring music is highly improvisational, with compelling melodies and rich ornamentation. In recent years it has become increasingly popular among Jewish musicians, as well as with world music enthusiasts throughout the U.S. and abroad. On this lesson, Andy Statman discusses the background, techniques and stylistic ... Read More