Mastering The Electric Bass - Two-Video Set

David Gross
Solid, musical bass lines are the foundation for any band's sound, and this in-depth lesson by bassist David Gross provides a wealth of information, practical exercises and musical examples to help you become a better player. Here are all the fundamentals you'll need to create your own bass style! You'll become a more fluid and literate musician ... Read More

Mastering The Electric Bass - Video 1

David Gross

Lesson One: Scales, Modes, and Their Applications

Strengthen your hands and develop your musical ear! David takes you through scales and modes in every position, adding octave patterns, arpeggios, rhythm grooves and other devices to expand your musical vocabulary. Learn to transpose, hear rhythmic changes and understand intervals, chord substitutions and voicings. Includes dozens of practice patterns and exercises. Read More

Mastering The Electric Bass - Video 2

David Gross

Lesson Two: Further Mastery of Scales & Modes

Create inventive solos and become a well-rounded musician! You'll learn to identify and play intervals, then master fourteen patterns which can be used to create original bass lines and propel any band. David shows you how to build an exciting arsenal of grooves, add a variety of scales to your lines, discover more exotic ways to play the blues ... Read More