Blues For Freida

Eric Skye

New Ideas for Fingerstyle Creativity

In this 30-minute Homespun lesson, Eric teaches his original song, “Blues for Freida,” a stunningly beautiful minor-key instrumental featuring simple yet innovative chord voicings that will excite any intermediate player. In a thoughtful, methodical way, Eric teaches the chords and the melody, then discusses how he approaches variations and soloing. His clear and concise instruction will inspire you to ... Read More

Six Unique Fiddle Tune Arrangements for Solo Flatpicked Guitar

Eric Skye

Lessons with a Master Guitarist

Fiddle tunes are typically played at fast tempos by instruments associated with bluegrass, old-time or country dance music. In the hands of a master guitarist like Eric Skye, though, these tunes become something very different. He eases up the tempo, pulling emotion from the melodies with rich bass notes, ringing harmonies and  chordal melodies. His approach stresses musicianship and ... Read More