Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 1

Happy Traum

Barre Chords and How to Use Them

Barre chords are a vitally important part of your ability to move beyond the third fret, play solid rhythm in all keys and get a wide variety of sounds through chord inversions. On this easy lesson for near-beginners, Happy Traum de-mystifies these powerful chord shapes, providing tips on how to play them cleanly and easily. You'll learn basic chord ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 2

Happy Traum

Bass Runs and How to Use Them

Bass runs help provide a smooth and musically interesting transition as you change chords. They're especially useful in country, bluegrass and folk songs, often providing a harmony line to the sung melody. Learning to add bass runs to your chord progressions teaches you how to play the notes of the scale in several keys, and helps you develop good ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 3

Happy Traum

Instant Fingerpicking Success

The fingerpicking style is one of the most popular and engaging ways of playing the guitar. It's especially good for song accompaniment, and has been favored by folk, blues and country pickers, especially singer-songwriters such as James Taylor, Paul Simon, Shawn Colvin and Nanci Griffith.  This lesson de-mystifies the right-hand technique by breaking it down into patterns that ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Building Blocks - Video 4

Happy Traum

Creating Easy Song Arrangements

The beauty of the guitar is not necessarily based on advanced and highly technical playing skills. Interesting and unusual arrangements can be created with very simple ideas, as long as you have some knowledge and an elementary understanding of the guitar. On this lesson, Happy takes some easy songs and shows you how to transform them into beautiful show pieces ... Read More

Happy Traum's Guitar Theory Package

Happy Traum
Guitarists: Do you know how the strings, frets, notes, scales and chords all work together to make music? Whether you're a total beginner or have been at it for years, there's a good chance you lack a basic understanding of the theory behind what you're playing. Happy Traum, one of the world's best-known guitar teachers, demystifies ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches "Ashokan Farewell"

Happy Traum

A Fingerstyle Arrangement of a Timeless Tune

Learn to play a much-beloved tune, best known as the theme from Ken Burns’ award-winning PBS series, The Civil War. Happy Traum teaches an easily accessible, dropped D arrangement of Ashokan Farewell for solo fingerstyle guitar,  great for aspiring players at all levels.  Starting with an unadorned melody on the lower frets, Happy builds the arrangement step-by-step, showing ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches Blues Guitar Book-CD

Happy Traum
You only have to know the basic chords to get started playing fingerstyle blues guitar! Happy Traum's user-friendly lesson starts with a play-along explanation of the basic 12-bar blues form in the key of E, and then it's right into your first song. You'll gradually learn turnarounds, fills, runs, bass rhythms and "boogie woogie" walking basses and ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches Seven Classic Bob Dylan Songs

Happy Traum

Easy Fingerpicking Arrangements

Songs: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right; Blowin' in the Wind; I'll Be Your Baby Tonight; I Pity the Poor Immigrant; Buckets of Rain; Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You; Farewell. Happy Traum's long association with Bob Dylan makes him the perfect instructor to teach these seven Dylan favorites. In nearly three hours of ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches Songs of Pete Seeger

Happy Traum

Six Favorites for Fingerstyle Guitar

Pete Seeger had been a towering figure in the world of folk music for more than seventy years until his death in 2014 at the age of 94. He was a brilliant instrumentalist, songwriter, activist, teacher and humanitarian who introduced the world to hundreds - perhaps thousands - of great songs of all kinds.  Happy Traum, a long-time friend and colleague ... Read More

Happy Traum Teaches Songs of Woody Guthrie

Happy Traum

Six Arrangements for Acoustic Guitar

Songwriter, poet, artist, and political rebel - Woody Guthrie remains one of the most beloved figures in the folk music revival. He continues to have a huge influence on just about every folk and traditional musician playing today, among them Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Jerry Garcia and, of course, Woody's son, Arlo. Many of his songs have become ... Read More

How and Why to Use a Capo

Happy Traum

A Basic Guide for Acoustic Guitarists

The capo is an essential tool for all acoustic guitarists, with a variety of important uses. Happy’s primer covers all aspects of six-string capo technique. You’ll get great information about how, why and when to use it, practical playing tips, play-along opportunities, and a complete understanding of how to get the most out of this wonderful little device. The topics ... Read More

How Long Blues

Happy Traum

Building a Solid Arrangement in A

Leroy Carr’s How Long Blues is one of the most famous songs in the tradition, a go-to number in just about every blues artist’s repertoire. It has been covered by musical luminaries as varied as Big Bill Broonzy, Ray Charles, T-Bone Walker, Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Clapton, Doc Watson, and hundreds more.  Happy shows early-intermediate guitarists some great ideas on ... Read More
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