Bluegrass and Gospel Duet Singing

Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent

Old Time Country Harmony

"I am so proud to say a few words about Dailey & Vincent. What a great sound. Not since the Louvin Brothers has music touched me this deep. I expect them to go all the way to the top and stay there." - Dolly Parton Soaring harmonies, a seamless vocal blend and a singular commitment to their gospel and old time ... Read More

Dailey & Vincent Teach Bluegrass and Gospel Quartet Singing

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent

with Jeff Parker and Christian Davis

Dailey & Vincent's award-winning recordings and live performances have become legendary for, among other things, their thrilling harmony singing. Jamie and Darrin's duets are impeccable, and the band's four-part gospel and bluegrass vocal arrangements are absolute show-stoppers. This informative and musically rich lesson will help you understand the musical thinking behind Dailey & Vincent's electrifying performances ... Read More