Jens Kruger's Banjo Method for Beginners

Jens Kruger

An Easy and Joyful Way to Start Picking

Banjo virtuoso Jens Kruger has devised a uniquely satisfying way for beginners to get started on this great American instrument. His is a completely different approach to learning to play the banjo: it's liberating, inspiring and will allow anyone to make music in minutes. Even if you already play the banjo there will be revelations here for you. Jens ... Read More

The Banjo Techniques of Jens Kruger

Jens Kruger

Developing Skills, Creativity and Musicianship

Join Jens Kruger for an exciting journey into the art of the five-string banjo. This outstanding lesson by a true virtuoso contains a wealth of ideas for players at all levels, and will help you expand your musical knowledge, build your technique and make your playing "stand out in a crowd". Jens provides a detailed roadmap to his highly original ... Read More