A Six-Pack of Advanced Bluegrass Licks

Josh Yenne
Guitar flatpickers will love these six hot licks! Multi-instrumentalist and session player Josh Yenne brings his potent chops to this terrific lesson, teaching you phrases that will bring power and excitement to any bluegrass solo you play. As you learn these licks, you’ll be building your flatpicking skills and gaining a strong foundation for creating lead solos for any bluegrass ... Read More

A Six-Pack of Country Guitar Licks

Josh Yenne

For Telecaster and Other Electric Instruments

Plug in that electric guitar and start bending and sliding your way to country guitar prowess! Multi-instrumentalist session player Josh Yenne teaches six easy but useful licks on his Telecaster that will provide a great foundation for any aspiring country picker. Josh teaches three licks in A and three licks in E, accompanied by play-along tracks in both the “train ... Read More

A Six-Pack of Tony Rice Licks

Josh Yenne
Tony Rice’s unique style has intrigued bluegrass flatpickers for decades, and his lightning-fast licks have influenced generations of aspiring guitarists. Continuing his popular “Six Pack” series, Josh Yenne methodically breaks down six of Tony’s classic licks in a way that’s easy to learn and to play along with. A sought-after sideman and gifted instructor, Josh plays each lick at different ... Read More

Pedal Steel for Guitar Players

Josh Yenne

Demystifying the Instrument

In his first video for Homespun, multi-instrumentalist Josh Yenne methodically breaks down the basics of the pedal steel from a guitar players perspective. Yenne’s clarity as an instructor shines as he walks students through the tuning, set up of pedals, use of the bar, blocking, string grips and the phrasing ideas to help simplify this complex instrument.  Multiple camera ... Read More

Right Hand Training for Fingerstyle Guitar - Lesson 1

Josh Yenne

Methodical Exercises For Your Picking Hand

Having good picking-hand technique is an indispensable tool for all acoustic guitar players. Its proper use can create beautiful accompaniments and ear catching instrumental solos. Josh Yenne’s training session provides aspiring guitarists with a solid fingerstyle foundation that opens up all kinds of exciting possibilities. It can be used by beginning players or by those who are more experienced and ... Read More

Right Hand Training for Fingerstyle Guitar - Lesson 2

Josh Yenne

Taking It to the Next Level

Following up his previous lesson, Right Hand Training for Fingerstyle Guitar, Josh Yenne concentrates on building muscle memory, providing drills and exercises to increase your fingerpicking speed and dexterity. Josh shows you numerous variations, combining picking patterns that “literally get your right hand to go to any places you want inside a bar of music.” He adds powerful exercises, using ... Read More

Right Hand Training for Fingerstyle Guitar - Two Video Set

Josh Yenne

Get Both Lessons For a Great Price

Video One Josh carefully takes you through his thumb-and-three-finger approach, starting with important tips on proper hand position to achieve a clear, crisp sound. Then, he methodically develops your skills through an organized multi-step approach: Building your foundation with a steady alternating bass; adding “pinch” notes along with the bass; then moving into increasingly complex patterns that you can use ... Read More