Great Guitar Lessons - Techniques and Arrangements of Master Singer Songwriters

John Sebastian, Patty Larkin, Paul Brady, Chris Smither, Livingston Taylor, David Wilcox, Geoff Muldaur
For many of our most accomplished singer/songwriters, guitars are tools for composing, arranging and performing their songs. Whether you write your own material or play and sing songs that others have written, you'll want to understand how the pros create their unique and compelling guitar accompaniments. On this compilation, eight gifted artists share the secrets of their arrangements ... Read More

The Guitar of Paul Brady

Paul Brady

Playing Traditional and Contemporary Irish Songs

Paul Brady has chosen ten of his most popular songs- four traditional and six original- and teaches the elements that make his powerful guitar arrangements unique. He demonstrates his various tunings, chord voicings, chord shapes and the driving rhythms he achieves with his flatpick-and-fingers approach. In addition, Paul discusses important aspects of his background, history, influences, and the vocal technique ... Read More