Country Telecaster Virtuosity

Ray Flacke
Learn to play the electric guitar techniques that will add hot solos and powerful drive to any country or rock band! On this thrilling lesson, Ray Flacke teaches the mind-boggling licks that have made him highly sought-after for record dates, jingles and live gigs on the Nashville scene for more than thirty years. You'll learn double-stops, pedal steel-like string ... Read More

Great Electric Guitar Lessons

Ray Flacke, Roy Rogers, Hubert Sumlin, Jorma Kaukonen, Steve Wariner, Jim Weider, Ray Benson, Adam Traum

Blues, Slide, Country and Old Fashioned Rock 'n' Roll

For the past half-century the electric guitar has been woven into the fabric of American roots music, and its power and allure still make it our most popular musical instrument.  The instruction on this rich compilation covers a wide range of musical applications for the electric guitar, taught by some of the top guitar players in their respective genres ... Read More

Twelve of My Favorite Licks

Ray Flacke
One of Nashville's most sought-after Telecaster  players teaches a dozen great licks and dynamic ideas to add power and interest to your playing. He includes techniques such as two-string unison bends, staccato licks, open-string chimes, string pull exercises and block chord pedal steel pulls. Read More