An Introduction to Open Tunings and Slide Guitar

Roy Book Binder
The inestimable Roy Book Binder has given us another terrific look at his unique brand of fingerpicked blues guitar. This time around he covers the basics of open tunings and the use of the bottleneck, teaching the essential techniques in a way that will be easy even for newcomers to this style. Roy starts his lesson with an exploration of ... Read More

Blues By The Book - Two Video Set

Roy Book Binder

Fingerpicking Blues

Roy Book Binder modestly asserts that he's just showing you "some tricks about playing the guitar" here. Well, Roy's humble, that's sure, but by the end of these two videos you will have mastered a complete vocabulary of licks and techniques and be ready to develop your own distinctive blues style, which is what "Book" had in ... Read More

Blues By The Book - Video 1

Roy Book Binder

Fingerpicking Blues: Lesson One

If you're ready to develop your own distinctive blues style, Roy Book Binder has assembled a complete vocabulary of licks and techniques to help you do it. Roy humbly calls this thorough breakdown of the elements of his own fingerstyle blues style "some tricks about playing the guitar," but don't let his laconic delivery fool you. By the ... Read More

Blues By The Book - Video 2

Roy Book Binder

Fingerpicking Blues: Lesson Two

Roy Book Binder's back again! This time, his in-depth exploration of blues techniques concentrates on chords and positions needed to play in the essential key of A. With his trademark wit and good humor, Roy encourages you to take his "book of tricks" and incorporate them into your own playing to build repertoire and arrangements in traditional fingerpicking style ... Read More

Lessons From the Good Book

Roy Book Binder

10 Songs From Roy's Acclaimed CD

We’re delighted to welcome our old friend, the legendary bluesman, raconteur and guitar fingerpicker Roy Book Binder, back to Homespun. He made these lessons independently, but we are offering them though our download service in an exclusive arrangement with him. Roy takes you, step by step, through 10 original tunes from his acclaimed CD, "The Good Book." (This release reached ... Read More

Roy Book Binder: Book's Blues Book - Book/Audio

Roy Book Binder

The Songs and Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements of Roy Book Binder

Book's Blues Book and its accompanying online audio represent a comprehensive cross section of the traditional and original blues that have been delighting Roy's audiences and inspiring guitar players through the years. By working your way through the tablature, you'll learn to play these great songs in note-for-note detail and pick up many inspiring blues licks and ... Read More

Roy Book Binder In Concert

Roy Book Binder

Roy, The Reverend and the Devil's Music

Roy Book Binder bought his first guitar in Naples, heard his first Lightnin' Hopkins record in Marseille and read his first Jack Kerouac novels while cruising the North Atlantic. It was 1965, and after three years of sailing around the world on an aircraft carrier with the U.S. Navy, Roy was eager for the open road. After getting back ... Read More