Bluegrass Fiddle Boot Camp

Stacy Phillips

A Basic Guide to Style, Technique and Practice

Here is a complete course in which Stacy Phillips unlocks the secrets of playing authentic bluegrass fiddle. These information-packed lessons are aimed at basic players as well as violinists who play classical, jazz or old-time music and want to learn the nuances of bluegrass style. Stacy concentrates on some classic songs, showing you how to give each one a typical ... Read More

Dobro - A Guide to Repertoire And Technique - Two Video Set

Stacy Phillips
These lessons in resonator guitar will have you picking better than you ever dreamed you could and will teach you to play eight fabulous tunes. You'll master all the essential playing techniques you'll need to really start to jam. Stacy's friendly, easy-to-follow instructions will add spice to your entire repertoire and prepare you to develop your own ... Read More

Dobro - A Guide to Repertoire and Technique - Video 1

Stacy Phillips

Soloing and Improvisation

Learn to play a variety of fabulous tunes as you master essential playing techniques! The late Stacy Phillips provides detailed instruction on the use of picks, the bar, hammer-ons, pull-offs, right-hand rolls and a variety of chord positions. His in-depth examination of major scale patterns, applicable to almost any song, allows you to create your own melodies, licks, improvisations and ... Read More

Dobro - A Guide to Repertoire and Technique - Video 2

Stacy Phillips

Bar Slants And String Pulls

Move into more advanced territory as the lateStacy Phillips continues his exploration of several important Dobro essentials. He helps you build up your repertoire of rolls, drones, scale patterns, hammer-ons and pull-offs, but now the emphasis is on bar slants and string pulls. These powerful techniques give you the ability to play more complex chords and allow you to create ... Read More

Great Fiddle Lessons - Bluegrass and Old-Time Styles

Kenny Kosek, Bruce Molsky, Jay Ungar, Jim Wood, Richard Greene, Stacy Phillips, Vassar Clements, Brad Leftwich
The eight lessons on this video download, compiled from Homespun's incomparable library of music instruction, represent fiddle tuition at its very best. The lessons start at an easy beginner level and progressively get more challenging, providing a full range of techniques, styles, musical ideas and repertoire tunes to learning players at all levels. Each of the instructors is highly ... Read More