Singing in the African American Tradition - Volume One

Ysaye Barnwell

Traditional Choral & Congregational Vocal Music

Anyone who loves to sing will be thrilled by the depth and range of the material taught on these four lessons! You'll learn the melodies, harmonies, rhythms and counter-melodies to more than 20 great songs, and you'll participate in the joyous expression of this wonderful vocal tradition by singing along with the trackss. These lessons can be used ... Read More

Singing in the African American Tradition- Volume Two

Ysaye Barnwell

Building a Vocal Community

"There is an awesome power in the human voice and when uncommon voices are blended for the common good, they become a 'vocal community' at its best." - Ysaye M. Barnwell Start building a vocal community with these extraordinary vocal lessons. They can be used by individuals, friends, choirs, church, camp and community groups of any background who want to enjoy ... Read More