Acoustic Bass

Rob Wasserman, David Grisman
Award-winning bassist Rob Wasserman teaches several acoustic bass styles, including his own speciality, "Dawg" music, the blend of bluegrass, swing, Latin and jazz he developed with David Grisman. Rob thoroughly covers the basics--holding the bass, hand positions, picking technique, tuning, scale exercises--then moves on to improvisation, back-ups, runs, chords, more.Songs: Banks Of The Ohio, 16/16, Dawgma, Fanny Hill ... Read More

A Lesson With Steve Allen

Steve Allen

An Introduction to Jazz Piano

One of America's most beloved entertainers divulges his personal tricks of the trade (trills, octave vibrato, "fake runs," blues riffs etc.) and shows you how to build arrangements and spice up jazz pieces with a variety of easy techniques. In his only instructional lesson, Steve Allen covers basic blues, boogie woogie, stride, walking basses, the use of 10ths, descending ... Read More

A Pianist's Guide to Free Improvisation

Marilyn Crispell

Keys to Unlocking Your Creativity

Sit down at the piano and play whatever comes into your head, making up your own music as you go along. That's free improvisation.This lesson is designed for players with some facility at the keyboard but with little knowledge of improvisational techniques. Famed pianist Marilyn Crispell shows the scales, intervals and basic chords that will get you started ... Read More

Arpeggio Power!

Paul Mehling

A Systematic Approach to Conquering the Guitar Fretboard

“Arpeggios are the DNA of music.” - Paul Mehling Arpeggios (chords played as individual notes) are an indispensable component of music and can become an invaluable tool in your musical bag of tricks. Many melodies are built upon arpeggios, and their intervals and patterns are the key to understanding improvisation. In short, arpeggio knowledge can set you apart from other ... Read More

Blues on the Fiddle

Darol Anger
The amazing artistry of Darol Anger propels this powerful and enlightening exploration of blues fiddle. His deep knowledge of the violin, along with his relaxed good humor and encouraging manner, will help bring your fiddle playing to a whole new level. Using a "call and response" interactive teaching method, you'll trade licks with Darol as you learn tunes, riffs ... Read More

Blue Uke

Del Rey

Blues, Rags and Jazzy Dance Tunes

We’re in the midst of a ukulele renaissance, and this wonderful little instrument’s role has been expanding to include a wide variety of musical genres. In the hands of the amazing Del Rey it becomes a veritable blues and ragtime music machine! This informative and entertaining lesson will teach you a myriad of fingerpicking and chording techniques. Del takes a ... Read More

Chops and Grooves

Casey Driessen, Darol Anger, Rushad Eggleston

Rhythmic Explorations for Bowed Instruments

"Feel the boogie!"- Rushad With the help of two of today's hottest young players, veteran violinist Darol Anger shows how you can create infectious, driving rhythms in a wide variety of musical styles. The percussive bowing techniques they teach produce exciting grooves that you'll be able to use to accompany musical genres from bluegrass to Celtic, swing to ... Read More

Concepts for Jazz-Rock Piano

Donald Fagen

Playing, Writing, and Arranging

This lesson provides rare insights into the musical thinking of one of the most influential songwriters and arrangers in modern American popular music. Steely Dan's Donald Fagen reveals how traditional twelve-bar blues and R&B structures can be the basis for unique and sophisticated compositions. Along with jazz pianist Warren Bernhardt, Donald breaks down the keyboard arrangements to three great ... Read More

David Grisman Teaches Mandolin

David Grisman

Dawg Mandolin

Take lessons from a true mandolin master and take your playing in new and exciting directions! Once dubbed "The Paganini of the Mandolin" by the New York Times, David Grisman is an innovative and creative musician who has inspired a whole new genre of acoustic string instrumental music. He and his band, The David Grisman Quintet, have consistently won polls ... Read More

Dr B's Rhythmic Training

Karl Berger

Improve Your Timing and Creative Potential

Regardless of your instrument or the style of music you play, this powerful and intriguing set of lessons will help you become freer, more creative and more confident in your playing. Famed jazz musician, composer and arranger Karl Berger has devised a unique system for understanding and playing in any meter, from standard time signatures (4/4, 3/4, 6 ... Read More

Dr John Teaches New Orleans Piano - Two-Video Set

Mac Rebennack (Dr John)
Imagine being able to see as well as hear the amazing piano styles of the great Dr John up close! These two one-hour videos are jammed full of powerful playing, slowed-down instruction and the wonderful personality of one of the premier artists of our time. Mac (Dr John) Rebennack discusses the playing styles of the musicians he heard and worked ... Read More

Dr John Teaches New Orleans Piano - Video 1

Mac Rebennack (Dr John)
Just sit back and watch Dr John work his way through the likes of "C.C. Rider" and Pine Top Boogie"a you will have got a graduate degree in soul." - Time Magazine Imagine being able to see as well as hear the amazing piano styles of the great Dr John - up close! This one-hour session is jammed full of ... Read More
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