Paul Mehling Guitar Power Package

Paul Mehling

A Special Homespun Combo Deal

Paul Mehling's awesome guitar technique has been on display for years in his role as lead guitarist for the Django/Gypsy Jazz group Hot Club of San Francisco. He is also an excellent guitar instructor whose Homespun lessons have been among our most popular for years. We have combined his two top-selling lessons, Pick Power and Arpeggio Power, into ... Read More

Swing Guitar - Lesson 1

Mike Dowling

Lesson One: Rhythm's Where It's At!

Here's a fabulous guitar lesson that will give you all the tools you'll need to become a great rhythm guitarist! Veteran player Mike Dowling demonstrates, clearly and simply, the techniques that put him in high demand as sideman for such legendary players as Joe Venuti, Jethro Burns and Vassar Clements. Using swing blues as a starting point, Mike ... Read More

Swing Guitar - Lesson 2

Mike Dowling

Lesson Two: Improvising Hot Lead Solos

Infectious syncopations, hot soloing, lush chords....nothing captures the spirit of jazz better than swing. Mike Dowling has it down cold, and on this follow-up to "Swing Guitar: Rhythm's Where It's At," he has put together a perfect lesson for any player interested in lead soloing and improvisation. Mike's clear instructional style is easy to follow, and ... Read More

Swing Guitar Practice Sessions

Mike Dowling

Rhythm Back-Up

Swing players- this one's for you. Now you can practice the classic lead lines and improvisations you've been learning from Mike Dowling's incredible swing guitar lessons, with back-up tracks played by Mike himself! Mike becomes your personal accompanist as he swings behind you on his powerful rhythm guitar. He plays the melody first, to refresh your memory ... Read More

Swing Guitar - Three audio hour course

Marcy Marxer

A Guide to Chords, Rhythm and Repertoire

It's now easier than ever to learn the chord positions, progressions, substitutions and rhythms for playing western swing, jazz classics and back-ups for Texas-style fiddle tunes. Marcy's practical, hands-on approach will teach you to play hot rhythm to any swing tune you hear, even if you don't read music. She takes you step-by-step through the most common ... Read More

Swingin' It Solo

Mike Dowling

Chords, Techniques and Arrangements for Swing Guitar

As Mike Dowling proves, you don't need backup musicians to play hot swing tunes on the guitar. With this fascinating lesson you get the whole package -- rhythm comping, movable chordprogressions, melodic riffs, intros, outros, improvisations and other guitar adornments to enable you to play songs and instrumentals from the early jazz era on solo guitar. Mike is a precise ... Read More

Talking Drummers

Jack DeJohnette, Don Alias

A Journey of Music, Friendship and Spirit

This rare and extraordinary lesson takes you behind the scenes and into the recording studio with two world-class musicians, recorded in 1997 in Woodstock, NY. Performing on congas, djembes, shakers, trap set, log drums, ocarina and keyboards, Jack DeJohnette and the late Don Alias joyously improvised an album of percussion-based works, creating, overdubbing, changing, editing---and you are there to see ... Read More

Texas and Swing Fiddle

Matt Glaser

From Traditional Tunes to Jazz Standards

These lessons will expand your repertoire along with your skills and knowledge of the fiddle. Starting with old-time Texas fiddling, you'll progress through modern Texas, Western Swing and jazz soloing. Matt Glaser carefully breaks down all the tunes and analyzes the styles of Benny Thomasson, Bob Wills, Vassar Clements, Mark O'Connor, Stephane Grappelli, Joe Venuti and Eddie South ... Read More

The Acoustic Bass

Gary Peacock

Musicianship and Improvisational Techniques

Take a master class with one of the great jazz bassists of our time. Gary Peacock explores his instrument from the unique perspective of a veteran musician who has important ideas to convey to all serious players. He delves into three important aspects of playing -- the Physical, the Mental and the Intuitive -- which together form the complete process of creating ... Read More

The Complete All-Around Drummer - DVD Two

Danny Gottlieb
On this second amazing DVD session, Danny Gottlieb surveys the techniques of the great musicians - Buddy Rich, Mel Lewis, Gary Chester, Airto Moreira, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny and Mark Egan - who have helped him become a "complete all-around drummer." The lesson is filled with invaluable tips, important advice and inspiring musical ideas for all learning players. Numerous hands-on exercises will ... Read More

The Complete All-Around Drummer-Two Video Set

Danny Gottlieb
This exciting two video set by one of the world's most in-demand drummers is loaded with practice tips and hands-on exercises designed to build versatility and develop technique and facility. Read More

The Complete All-Around Drummer - Video One

Danny Gottlieb
Complete all-around drummers need to be able to play in any style, maintain solid grooves and have total command of their instrument. Danny Gottlieb taps his vast experience to help players at all levels become total musicians. Drawing from his unique "Workshop Study Guide" that has helped thousands of players in clinics across the US and abroad, Danny covers everything ... Read More
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