Concepts for Jazz-Rock Piano

Donald Fagen

Playing, Writing, and Arranging

This DVD provides rare insights into the musical thinking of one of the most influential songwriters and arrangers in modern American popular music. Steely Dan's Donald Fagen reveals how traditional twelve-bar blues and R&B structures can be the basis for unique and sophisticated compositions. Along with jazz pianist Warren Bernhardt, Donald breaks down the keyboard arrangements to three ... Read More
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Dr. John Teaches New Orleans Piano - The Complete Edition - Book/Audio

Dr. John

Vol. 1: In-Depth Sessions with a Master Musician; Vol. 2: Building a Blues Repertoire; Vol 3: Sanctifying the Blues

Now in one complete deluxe volume for the first time! Dr. John, a veritable encyclopedia of music and lore, immerses you in all aspects of New Orleans boogie and blues piano. These intimate sessions with the legendary "Night Tripper" are as close to taking private lessons with a blues master as you will get. The information he imparts will help ... Read More
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Put Your Hands on the Piano and Play!

Daniel Abrams

A Beginner's Guide to Piano and Musicianship!

Even if you've never touched a keyboard, you'll be playing piano before the first CD of this wonderful course is over. By the end of these six lessons you'll have started playing in classical, blues and pop styles, and will have learned the basics of note reading, rhythmic training, phrasing, dynamics and the ear training necessary to ... Read More
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Rock Piano Classics

Billy Hinsche

Learn Nine Hit Songs of the Beach Boys!

Play the piano and sing along with some of the greatest pop songs of all time!  After more than twenty years of touring as keyboardist for the Beach Boys, Billy Hinsche knows the ins and outs of their music as well as anyone. On this fascinating lesson, he teaches the ingenious chord structures, ear-catching melodies and ground breaking "hooks" that ... Read More
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